Introverts tend to feel most comfortable when focused on their inner thoughts and ideas. They often don’t give much of their attention to larger groups of people and enjoy spending time alone or with one or two people.

Many introverted hobbies can be considered therapeutic and positively affect brain development. Some college students don’t like socializing and can quickly become uncomfortable in larger crowds. When this happens, they just need to recharge and do something that will relax them.

Being in college means that many different crowds and personalities surround you. Professors will give out many assignments and tasks to you daily, and you will have to spare lots of energy and time to complete them. If you ever get stuck, feel free to visit homework help services such as Studyfy to help you save time and energy. You can use that energy to recharge yourself or just explore what you like to do in your free time.

You can always watch a movie or play video games if you are introverted, but there are so many hobbies that can help you overcome fears, find yourself and help you learn to be comfortable and happy. We have gathered some of the best hobbies you can try. They can help you accomplish various goals and introduce you to different aspects of life. 

Top 9 Engaging Introvert Hobbies


Cooking a homemade meal can give you an incredible feeling of accomplishment. The food that you decide to make will be healthier and tastier. While cooking, you will stimulate your senses and contribute to creating more endorphins – hormones of happiness. You will also learn about other cultures and different dishes that can introduce you to a whole new world. 

Working Out

The biggest payoff of working out is feeling better, reducing the chances of diseases, and living longer. While exercising, your body will release different chemicals that will help you improve your mood and make you relaxed. 

This can be a great way to deal with stress and reduce depression. Working out will also benefit you in sleeping better and longer. You can always keep track of your progress and try different activities to satisfy your needs and likings.

Listening to Podcasts

The most significant benefit of listening to a podcast is that you can listen on the go and multitask. You can turn the podcast on, do your chores, and listen to it before sleep or working out. That is an excellent way to cut down your screen time and make your brain more active. 

You can educate yourself on different topics and listen to experts and their ideas. The incredible thing is that you will keep the tradition of storytelling alive. Podcasts introduce many opinions and points of view on various topics. Your listenership can help in supporting the host of the show. 


Writing has many benefits. The practice of writing can help you improve your vocabulary and the phrasing of unique sentences. You’ll be able to form your thoughts in a more transparent and interesting way. Your communication skills will skyrocket. 

Writing can help you in visualizing, expressing yourself, and creating. If you want to clear your mind, put your emotions down on paper since that will help you feel at peace and sleep better. 

Playing an Instrument

Many types of research have shown that listening to and playing a musical instrument can help stimulate your brain and increase your memory. With this hobby, you’ll have to learn how to be organized and manage your time carefully. 

It comes with responsibility since maintenance and keeping an instrument in a working condition is very important. You can learn lots about different music genres such as medieval, folk or classical music. This hobby is an excellent opportunity to enhance your social skills and boost your listening skills.


People perceive pottery as an optimistic and therapeutic art. Your mind and body are in natural synergy while the clay is spinning. This hobby can relieve you of worries and stress. You will get mental and physical benefits from this activity since you’ll be able to express yourself through art. It can increase your optimistic outlook and improve your focus. It will allow you to ditch worries and help you transform them into your creation. 

With this action, your creativity will expand and help you connect yourself to the environment. There is no good or bad way in pottery, so dive into this activity and unleash your inner child.


Origami can provide physical and mental stimulus with exercise, while you can learn new skills and make your hands physically active. It can help you develop coordination, fine motor skills, and concentration. This activity is used in therapeutic rehabilitation since it can help stimulate the brain’s exploration of memory and non-verbal thinking. As a byproduct, you will get emotional satisfaction and a form of relaxation.


This fantastic hobby will help you document your journey through life. It will help you relieve stress and inspire your imagination. If you have a true passion for it, you can turn it into your career. 

The beautiful thing about photography is that it can help you see something you wouldn’t notice straight away. It will permanently preserve old memories and help you make new ones you’ll be able to look at later in life.


Evidence can confirm that singing releases serotonin, endorphins, and dopamine. These hormones of happiness will boost your mood. Singers feel uplifted and motivated while singing. It benefits our lungs and breathing technique. 

Singing helps release anxiety and transitions us to a state of relaxation. It is a fantastic community activity since you can build different connections and feelings of togetherness. It can help you socially bond. 

Enjoy your alone time

It can be overwhelming for introverts to meet and talk to a large group. You always want to leave an excellent first impression, but it can be exhausting and scary.. Many hobbies can help you overcome the fear of people and social engagements. On the other hand, it’s nice to spend some time with yourself and learn more about your desires and things that make you feel happy and memorable.

These hobbies will make you creative, happy, and carefree. You will learn how to take care of yourself and find what motivates you to be better. Each of these amusements has a unique benefit; it is up to you to experience and feel the charm of each one.