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Introverts. And sex.

We touched on this juicy topic during my Introvert Talk Sundays interview with Brenda Knowles. But I felt that this subject was worthy of deeper … ehem … penetration.

Though it’s difficult to know exactly what goes on between the sheets of an introvert’s bed, studies have shown that introverts tend to take a different approach to physical intimacy than extraverts.

Let’s explore what the research gods have to say about introverts and S-E-X:

Introverts have fewer sexual partners

In his book, Sex and Personality (1976), Hans Eysenck concludes that extraverts have more sex, in more varied positions, with more partners than introverts. As you can see, MORE is the operative word when it comes to extraverts and sex.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that all extraverts are running around like randy rabbits looking for their next shag. And it certainly doesn’t mean that introverts are inexperienced lovers, who stay locked in the missionary position during each romp.

What it does indicate is that extroverts have a tendency to seek out more sex with more people. This could be because extraverts need more stimulation to feel good than introverts.

Introverts are less likely to cheat

A study by J.R. Garcia entitled “Associations between dopamine D4 receptor gene variation with both infidelity and social promiscuity”, found that extraverts are more likely to have a gene variant that significantly increases the likelihood that they will cheat.

If you’re anything like me, your first thought after reading the above finding was, “holy crap, there’s a gene for cheating?” Quickly followed by, “I’m never dating an extravert again.”

To be fair, there are a whole host of factors that determine whether or not someone is faithful. Both introverts and extraverts can be cheaters.

Now here’s another fun (and funny) fact related to extraversion and cheating. A 2004 study of American political personalities found the most extraverted U.S. Presidents of all time to be (drum roll please) Bill Clinton and JFK.

Need I say more?

Both personalities can be great in bed

A survey conducted by Brenda Knowles of found that introverts and extraverts are equally awesome in bed.

In response to the question, “The most exquisite sex you ever had was with an …”

24.83% said extravert

29.53% said introvert

28.19% said “I’ve had exquisite sex with both temperments”

17.45% said “I’ve never had exquisite sex”

The above results are based on responses from 149 readers. You can check out the rest of the survey here.

I agree with the 28.19% of readers who said they’ve had great sex with both introverts and extraverts. When it comes to actual performance between the sheets, I think factors such as experience, emotional intelligence, and sensitivity play a greater role than personality.

Most people seem to be in agreement that emotional intimacy is a necessary component for great sex. In a survey conducted by Durex (condom manufacturer) 96% of respondents said they needed an emotional connection for the best sex.

What about you? How important is emotional intimacy in your sex life? Do you agree that introverts tend to have fewer sexual partners?


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