social hangover

Hi Innie Friend,

I’m on ‘workaction’ in Montreal right now, and I’m dealing with a frustrating side effect of socializing that I know most introverts will relate to; it’s what I call a “social hangover”. You’ve probably had plenty of them in your life, and I think you’ll agree that they are the worst!

Funnily enough, an introvert social hangover is a lot like a real hangover. You feel groggy, irritable, exhausted, and overwhelmed. You don’t want to go out, talk, or even think. All you want to do is curl up by yourself and catch your breath.

The reason we introverts are extra susceptible to social hangovers is that being around people is highly stimulating. When we spend a lot of time socializing, we become overstimulated, and we literally start to shut down to protect ourselves.

Even though I’ve created countless resources for introverts, and I’ve written an entire book on how to be charismatic as an introvert, I still find social hangovers really tough. Because here’s the thing.

As much as I’ve learned to honour my introvert needs, and take quiet time to recharge, sometimes I really can’t avoid overstimulation. When I’m on vacation in a big city, I know a social hangover is inevitable, so I’ve found ways to cope. Take my vacation in Montreal, for example.

There is so much to do, see, and eat in Montreal, and I’m only here for one week. Even though I’m not doing nearly as much outing and abouting as most would on vacation, I still wake up a lot of mornings with a social hangover. But that’s okay, because …

I know the secret cure for a social hangover.

In today’s video, I share how I deal with social overwhelm. I also talk about how to vacation as an introvert and actually enjoy it, even if you’re sensitive and easily overwhelmed.

It’s my very first vlog-style video. In it, I get a little more personal and give you a glimpse into my innie life. I hope you like it!