We introverts relish our alone time, but we don’t like to be alone all the time.  There comes a point when we need to bust out of the house and do some mixin’ n minglin’.  So, how can we be sure that it’s time to venture out from our castle?

Read on to discover 15 surefire signs you really should leave the house.

1. Natural light hurts your eyes.

2. You begin using water in your cereal.

3. Your skin is so pale it reflects light.

4. You start talking to inanimate objects.

5. You actually invite in the Jehovah’s witnesses who come to your door.

6. You are happy when telemarketers call.

7. You spend Friday night having a photo shoot with your cat.

8. You start creeping photos of your ex’s ex on Facebook.

9. Your idea of fun is making funny faces at yourself in the mirror.

10. Your shoes have all begun collecting dust.

11.You’ve watched every new release on Netflix – twice.

12. You don’t know what month it is.

13. There has been a change of season since you last left the house.

14. Walking to the edge of the lawn to get your mail seems like an arduous task.

15. You feel lonely.