Being an introvert can be both hard and rewarding. Introverts are deep thinkers with many layers, but we may find it hard to express ourselves verbally. Many people don’t see the difference between extroverts and introverts at all, while others emphasize its importance and the hidden potential of introverts. The main characteristics of an introvert are:

  • We are selectively social. We don’t need to be popular, we just need a few close friends and animals to keep us happy.
  • We tend to get overwhelmed easily, especially in loud, busy social environments.
  • We have a slower, more thoughtful approach to communication and may be known as “the quiet one”.

Because verbal communication can be a challenge for introverts, many of us have learned to express ourselves in other non-verbal ways. Beauty is one of those ways. 

Though some might think that focusing on external beauty is shallow, it’s actually a great way to quietly show the world who we are. It can also be really fun to experiment with our looks. 

After a year in lockdown, many of us are eager to change up our look and present a fresh face to the world. Here are some ways to do just that.

Cosmetology and Beauty Salon Transformations

Let’s face it, how we look is a big part of the first impression we make. Because we live in a very extrovert-biased world, many introverts don’t feel comfortable in our own skin. 

Every introvert understands the value of working on our inner selves, but there’s also nothing wrong with investing in our looks through makeup, beauty procedures, and even plastic surgeries. 

Moreover, it’s no secret that external changes like these can improve mood and health as well. 

What are the most effective procedures for introverts who want to refresh their look after a long time in seclusion?

  • Hair removal. Hair can be an unnecessary burden that leads to self-consciousness and discomfort. Laser is the safest and the most painless way that ensures a positive effect for several months. 
  • Skin cleaning and chemical peeling. These procedures can remove both acne and various skin problems that cause shame. Having clear skin can be a major confidence boost for any introvert who struggles with dull or acne-prone skin.
  • Cellulitis and weight correction procedures. A procedure like Coolsculpting can melt away fat and cellulite, especially in specific trouble areas, so that you feel your best.
  • Skin and body nourishment. Many sensitive introverts have sensitivities to toxins in the environment and food. That’s why it’s a good idea to use products with quality ingredients and eat organic, fresh fruits and vegetables 

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As for cosmetics, factors such as personal preference, skin tone, and hair color play a major role. Take time to experiment, and perhaps, get advice from a beauty expert at your favorite cosmetics store. 

Don’t be afraid to express yourself . One false assumption that people make about introverts is that we prefer muted tones for our makeup. This isn’t necessarily true. Some quiet introverts like to take a more bold approach to our makeup. Whatever feels good for YOU is what’s best.

Expressing Yourself Through Fashion

A great quality of introverts is that we can observe the world from a distance and develop a keen eye for beauty. Indeed, many introverts are artists at heart who love to get creative with fashion. That’s why many successful designers and fashion experts are introverts. 

Again, people might assume that all introverts prefer neutral colored clothing, but this isn’t necessarily the case. The colors we choose can have a major impact on how we feel and how we’re perceived. Certain colors will also be more flattering on specific individuals. 

Rather than focusing on keeping up with the trends, which can be overwhelming for introverts, I recommend developing your own signature style. Build up a capsule wardrobe with some flattering, timeless pieces. And then add in a few trendy items now and then.

Most importantly, make sure the clothes feel comfortable, especially if you’re in a new social or work setting. The last thing you need when you’re already feeling nervous is to feel self-conscious about your outfit.

Luckily for introverts who love to be comfy and cozy, style trends have moved toward looser pants and shirts and breathable fabrics. Take advantage of this trend and update your wardrobe with fashionable, comfy jeans and t-shirts. 


Jewelry is another important aspect of fashion. For an introvert, choosing the right jewelry can feel overwhelming. You might also feel weird buying nice jewelry for yourself. But a few key pieces can really elevate your look and help you to effortlessly express yourself.

You can get started by focusing on one type of jewelry. For example, spend some time researching necklaces, and buy a couple that stand out to you. There’s no rush to buy everything at once. Give yourself time to enjoy the process and see how you feel in each new piece.

As you can see, introverts have many ways to express ourselves through beauty, starting from the proper choice of clothes and finishing with cosmetic procedures. There are many non-invasive procedures and enhancements that require little or no downtime.

When it comes to makeup, clothes, and jewelry, be sure to explore and experiment to find the style that suits you. It’s ok to invest in your external appearance. It’s a form of self-care that doubles as a way to share who we are with the world—no extroversion required.

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Vendy Adams worked for a tech startup as the lead engineer before deciding to switch over to academic writing. Now she’s counted as one of the best thesis and dissertation writers and works for a top-ranked online assignment service and works as editor at CareerPerfect. Her hobbies include kitchen gardening, reading comic books and novels and collecting DVDs of her favorite movies