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If you’re an introvert who wants to support the Black Lives Matter movement (BLM), you might not know where to start. Maybe the thought of standing up and speaking out in front of a crowd intimidates you.

Likewise, the idea of going door-to-door and sharing your concerns for the future of the black community might make you feel insecure. Thankfully, there are many other ways in which you can actively support the BLM movement.

For all us introverts out there, here are a few suggestions on how we can help raise awareness and advance the BLM movement.

Start a blog

Writing is strength for many introverts, which makes blogging a great choice for making a meaningful contribution to the BLM cause, without feeling uncomfortable. 

There are numerous platforms that you can use to set up your blog and start writing. For inspiration and information, there are online depositories with already published Black Lives Matter essay samples by Samplius and other publishers. 

Think of each post as if it was an essay you have to finish within a deadline. You can share your work on social media, especially with the members of BLM and related groups. 

It’s the most comfortable way to speak your mind to the masses without ever personally interacting with them.

Start a YouTube channel or a podcast

For those among you who are more technically advanced, but lack confidence in your writing abilities, a YouTube channel or a podcast would be the best way of helping the black community to stay strong. 

Visual mediums like YouTube allow you to use already published online content and create powerful promotion and informative videos that support the activities of the BLM movement. 

You don’t have to put your face out there if that’s not your thing, just use your creativity to help others.

Podcasts allow you to speak your mind and share ideas with those you’re comfortable being around. You can even use different software solutions and arrange podcast talks with guest speakers from around the world.

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Make donations

Apart from the will to end white supremacy forever, the Black Lives Matter movement runs on money as well. 

The movement needs substantial funds for its campaigns, because the promo materials, rallies, and global actions are not being put in place for profits. You can visit the official BLM website and find the donations form to make your contribution

If you have the funds and the goodwill to become a regular donor, you can set up a monthly tribute and know that you’re doing something valuable, even if you’re not out in the street.

Engage with BLM social media groups

If you have any social media accounts, you can use them as a platform to show your support for the global battle for equality and justice. 

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media brands allow us to connect with like-minded people and learn. They also let us share everything we learn with those among us who have not yet been introduced to these ideas. 

Pick inspiring stories that people post online to share with your friends on social networks. The more content you share, the more people will be aware that this world is being run by people who fear diversity, and perpetuate the spread of hatred and oppression.

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Shop and do business with brands that support BLM

There are numerous companies, large and small, that support BLM in one way or another. However, the support of the private sector spreads only as far as their profit holds. 

That’s why supporting these brands means extending support to the Black Lives Matter movement. The list of brands that give money or logistic help to the cause is vast and includes everyone from wholesale stores to exclusive fashion labels. 

Of course, it’s also important to remember those small family businesses that support the BLM movement and give them the priority for our support.

Raise your voice the introverted way

The Black Lives Matter movement is a global initiative with activities and campaigns that have an international impact. It’s a complex network that requires constant growth and support from all those who can help. 

Even as an introvert, a person can help raise the voice of the people in so many ways—especially today when technology gives us tools to carry our ideas across the oceans.

Author Bio:

Vendy Adams is a content writer and editor with years of experience. Her work is based on factual data and trusted resources so her ideas would stand on a firm basis. As a writer, Vendy seeks new ways to improve the daily lives of her audience and show them a practical approach to solving their problems.