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Hi Innie Friend,

Remember my freakishly popular post about why introverts hate talking on the phone? The main reason most of us innies don’t like the phone are the lack of visual cues and the increased awkwardness of awkward silences.

Well, yesterday I discovered something even worse than awkward phone conversations …

You see, yesterday was my Introvert Problems Q & A webcast.  From my end, webcasts are a whole lot like a phone conversation where I can’t see OR hear anyone else.  It feels a bit strange to say the least.

But I’ve done several of these webcasts, so I’m pretty used to the weirdness of it. Sometimes I worry that no one can actually hear me and I’m just talking to myself. Luckily, that’s never happened … that is, until last night.

My internet connection decided to get spotty right in the middle of the webcast, and caused me to drop the call  three times! Of course, I couldn’t see all the innie listeners’ faces, but I imagine that they looked crinkled and confused, maybe a little annoyed.  Later on, I was surprised by some of the reactions I encountered in messages.

All in all it was pretty much an introvert’s worst nightmare: a phone conversation with dozens of people you can’t see or hear that keeps cutting in and out.  Sigh.

What you didn’t hear

I managed to get through the interview with the brilliant and lovely, Alexa Linton, who has agreed to join me on Introvert Talk Sunday, so we can do her insightful advice justice.  I also managed to answer a good chunk of the innie questions my lovely listeners sent.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to deliver my super-duper exciting announcement.

The reactions that surprised me

By the way, in case you were wondering, the reactions that I encountered after my embarrassing broadcast were of love and encouragement.  I received thank you messages and emails from innies who said they still got a lot out of the webcast even though there were technical difficulties.

Another reason why I love this little innie community we’ve created.



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