ISFJ personality

The ISFJ personality is the most abundant of all the Myers-Briggs types. They make up roughly 13% of the world’s population.

Even though not technically a rare personality type, ISFJs embody a unique combination of shining traits. They are introverted, yet naturally social. They are logical, yet compassionate. They are perfectionistic, yet unfailingly patient with those they care about.

Of all the personality types, ISFJs are the embodiments of kindness, and humbleness. When it comes to giving, ISFJs have no equal.

My relative is an ISFJ. I only found out about this recently, when she took the test. She works in a hospital, which is the perfect position where an ISFJ can flourish!

I’m constantly amazed at how much energy, and pure goodness ISFJs have in store for people. They give so much. It’s simply astonishing to me, an INFJ, how generous an ISFJ personality is.

Every act of kindness makes the difference

Correct me if I’m wrong, but this could be the official anthem for ISFJs. Every introvert personality is kind, however the ISFJ personality takes this to a whole other level. Generosity and a desire to help are deeply rooted into the very being of ISFJs.

Using imagination and the sheer desire to make a difference, ISFJs will cross oceans if it will help someone feel better. This creates a situation where they can forget about themselves. When deeply immersed in helping others, ISFJs often disregard their own well-being.

No obstacle is too big when an ISFJ decides to offer assistance, and attention. Their humble nature allows them to fully focus on the well-being of others. Sensitivity makes them appreciative and courageous.

The ISFJ personality will protect you, no matter what

When an ISFJ befriends you, there is nothing to fear. Throw the fear in the trash can, because you have the best protection available. Some personality types are also called protectors, but ISFJs are the “guardians”.

The best way to understand an ISFJ, is by imagining a hospital nurse, who always makes the time to ask, “How are you feeling?”

Their ability to connect, while staying humble and caring is mind-blowing! They are the foundation of family, and friendships. ISFJs don’t like being in the spotlight. Instead they will motivate you to be the best version of yourself, so that you can shine.

They underplay their achievements so others shine

ISFJs will help everyone they can, even at the cost of their own happiness. They love when their kindness is acknowledged, but only if it doesn’t jeopardize their humble nature.

Naturally social, they establish wonderful connections right from the start. This gives them the opportunity to show their good nature early on.

However, ISFJs sometimes forget that they too need respect and understanding. This is a bi-product of their people oriented nature. If their kindness and desire to help is rejected, they withdraw. Deeply touching the heart of the one they cherish is the greatest achievement for an ISFJ.

Stable and reliable with no exceptions

When it comes to trust, ISFJs set the standard. You can tell them everything, even your deepest secret. They will never leave you, and will always be there to help.

Of course, ISFJs have their limits. As long as you respect that they care so deeply, you will have a friend for life.

ISFJs will support you as long as you accept them for who they are. Always be open towards their honest desire to give. Trust me, you will receive presents from an ISFJ pretty often. This is just one of the many ways they show they care.

Appreciate and accept them for who they are, give them the feedback they deserve. Rarely will you meet someone who cares for you even more than they do themselves. This is exactly what being an ISFJ is all about. ☺

Famous ISFJs:

Halle Berry
Vin Diesel
Tiger Woods
Mitt Romney
Bruce Willis
Queen Elizabeth II
Anne Hathaway
Selena Gomez
Samwise Gamgee (for the LOTR fans)
Dr. Watson (and for the Sherlock Holmes fans)
Lance Reddick

Feel free to share your experiences and thoughts about his kind, and gentle personality in the comments below! ☺



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