introvert alone

Just like the word “introvert”, the word “alone” has had a bad rap for a long time. People tend to associate alone with all sorts of negative adjectives like,


But what if alone wasn’t a dark, scary thing that people must fear? What if alone could be …


It can be! It can be many a splendid thing. So why is it that when I do a Google search of images for the word alone, this is what shows up:


leave me alone

Leave Me Alone by Ankga Yudi

Poor, poor, sad Teddy Bear! It must be horrible for him to sit by himself, and look out at a stunning horizon, while surrounded by the peace and serenity of nature.  And, as for the cardboard robot … well, he’s adorable.  But he’s still reinforcing alone’s bad rap.

Notice that most of the images are dark, and have a heavy, sad tone. This is a stark contrast to what many of us feel when we are alone.

For introverts, alone is a warm happy glow that wraps itself around us and restores us when we are feeling depleted. Tweet this

It is a colorful place where our imagination has free reign. A place where creativity can blossom.

Alone doesn’t have to be shady and grey. It can be sunny yellow, vibrant green, deep blushing red, or the rosiest shade of pink. Or it can be all those colors dancing together to make something that looks and feels a lot like this:

rebranding alone michaela chung



I had some creative fun (and it really was SO MUCH FUN!) over the weekend making the above painting. I think it is a much better representation of the way I feel when I’m alone. I also wanted to illustrate that even when we’re alone, we can be connected to others who are alone, especially through art.

I’ve named it Rebranding Alone.

So, what does alone look like for you, innie friend? Let me know in words or links to images in the comments section below.

Lots of love,