Why am I still single? Is it because I’m weird? Is it because I’m an introvert? Is it because there’s something secretly, horribly wrong with me?

In today’s vlog, I give honest answers about why I’m still just a ‘me’ instead of a ‘we’.

If you’ve ever asked yourself “why am I still single?”, you know that I had my work cut out for me filming this vlog. In it I offer my honest take on why my past relationships didn’t work, while also sharing my best introvert dating advice.

It’s another one of my up close and personal vlogs that y’all seem to like so much. I hope that you can relate in some way, or that, at the very least, you find my relationship metaphors, and strange dating philosophy entertaining — something interesting to chew on during your lunch break.

Anywho, I hope you enjoy the Why Am I Still Single video. Remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel, as it really supports my work, AND gives me warm fuzzies. 😉

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