infj type problems

If you think being introverted in our extrovert-obsessed society is tough, try being introverted AND the rarest personality type in the world. That is exactly what INFJ personality types are up against.

INFJs make up just one percent of the population. Because of their rarity, INFJs inevitably face many unique challenges. Let’s take a look at them, shall we?


Most INFJs are empathic and highly sensitive. In other words, they deeply feel the emotions of others. Combine their sensitivity with their innate desire to help those in need, and you have a recipe for overwhelm.

Being creepily observant

INFJs have a unique ability to pick up on subtle cues that others miss. They use their keen observation skills and intuition to read between the lines during conversations. Sometimes their ability to read people can be misinterpreted as creepy or intense.

People pleasing

Because INFJs genuinely want to help people, they often fall into the trap of being people pleasers. They give and give and give some more, all the while neglecting their own needs and desires. Learning to say “no” and establish healthy boundaries can be a lifelong challenge for INFJs.

Feeling like an outsider

It can be lonely being such a unique snowflake personality! It’s easy for INFJs to feel like outsiders who don’t fit in.

Losing touch with their true self

Because they feel so different from everyone else, INFJs often try to ‘fix’ themselves by mimicking other more common personality types. They might get so good at pretending that they fool even themselves. It becomes more and more difficult to reconnect with their authentic self.

Confusing or offending people with their behavior

INFJs are known for being great conversationalists who others flock to. They love people and love to socialize. Except, of course, when they don’t. Just like any other introverted personality, INFJs lose energy during social interaction. At a certain point, they need to be alone.

Naturally, others are confused, and sometimes offended, when a usually sociable INFJ shuts down and wants to be left alone.


The INFJs love of the mysterious and complex can be a double-edged sword. It’s easy for them to over analyze things to the point where they lose sleep. They can also become so absorbed in what’s happening inside their head that they lose touch with the outside world.

A New Place For INFJs

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