INFJ friendship

As introverts, we have a deep desire to have meaningful connections. But as INFJs, we take the meaning of friendship to a whole new level. There’s a reason why people see you as a shoulder to cry on, and why everyone tells you their deepest, darkest secrets. INFJs are natural born friends and caretakers.

Why is friendship with an INFJ so unique?

It’s easy to see why people choose INFJs as their most trusted friends. We know how to listen, care, protect, accept, but most of all, INFJs understand. No matter what you share with us, you can be sure we’ll never use it against you.

However, despite all the kindness we selflessly give, INFJs don’t have many friends. Not because there’s something wrong with us, but because a friendship with an INFJ needs a lot of work. First, we need to find each other, because, hey, we’re the rarest personality type. Second, our strong, empathic emotions scare many off.

I receive dozen of emails from my fellow INFJs on a daily basis asking me why our concern is so underappreciated. Sometimes, these messages bring tears to my eyes, because I feel what you’re feeling. I’ve been there. That’s why I’ll tell you why our companionship is so precious.

Without further delay, I present you:

4 Reasons Why Friendship With an INFJ is Priceless:

1. We’ll always be there.

You’re sad, lonely, or maybe you just need to vent? Say no more, INFJs are there. I kid you not when I say that we would travel the globe if that would put a smile on your face. You have complete liberty to tell us whatever you want, because having a friendship with an INFJ means we’ll never leave you.

2. We’ll never abandon you.

No matter what you’re going through, you can count on the support of an INFJ. We know how it feels to be abandoned and the pain it causes. I burst into tears just by writing this. That’s how seriously we look at our loyalty to you. An INFJ won’t go anywhere, because in our eyes, you’re the hero we cherish the most.

3. We hear the words you don’t say.

In a recent conversation with my bestie, I only needed to look at her and ask: “Okay, tell me all about it.” The INFJ ability to feel when something happens is legendary! When we see you as a part of our inner circle, there’s no need to worry about lack of understanding. We’ll hear even what you don’t say.

4. We accept you just the way you are.

No further explanation is needed. In a friendship with an INFJ, you’re accepted fully and unconditionally.

We honor your past, cherish your present (we look at you as a gift ;)), and we’re ready to face the future alongside you. Everything that makes you such a beautiful whole, an INFJ will appreciate to the fullest.

A friendship with an INFJ is worth the wait. It will transcend everything you ever dreamed of having in a person who will love and respect you without restraints.

I’m incredibly lucky that one of my best friends is an INFJ. Even at my worst, she reminds me of my worth and brings me back to the now. It’s a bond my heart and soul sought to have ever since I started understanding who I am.

My Wish To You

Please know that even if you don’t feel the grace of having a true INFJ friendship, it will find you. I know you probably don’t see it, but you’re everything people look for. They just don’t want to admit it. Just like the stars in the sky, you shine a bright light into the lives of everyone who have that privilege to call you a friend. ☺

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It’s your turn

I would love to hear your experiences with INFJ friendships! Do you think INFJs make good friends, and do you have one in your life? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.