Do you consider yourself an empath? Empathy is an amazing trait that allows you to feel and understand the emotions of others. It also gives you an appreciation for beauty, art and nature.

While others stay focused on the superficial, you love diving deep. That doesn’t mean being an empath is easy.

As an empath, you tend to…

  • Quickly and accurately identify the emotions of others
  • Feel other people’s pain, anger and sadness
  • Feel compelled to help those in distress
  • Struggle with burnout which can lead to a loss of compassion

Being sensitive to emotions and energy is a superpower, but it can also be overwhelming!

If you’re like I used to be, your go-to move for dealing with empath overwhelm may be to shut people out.

I spent much of my late twenties solo travelling the world like a lone wolf on a quest for meaning.

Then I spent a couple of years living alone on a tiny island on the West Coast of Canada.

Being surrounded by tall trees and ocean waves gave me a sense of peace and protection that most empaths yearn for.

But it was also isolating.

Nowadays, I’ve found a balance between living in the ‘real world’—with all its busyness and messy emotions—and protecting my empath energy.

Here are some tips that you might find helpful.

5 tips to protect your empath energy

Set boundaries

It’s ok to say ‘no’ and prioritize self-care. In fact it’s crucial if you want to avoid burnout. The first step to setting boundaries is to identify your needs, wants and ‘don’t wants’.

Have difficult conversations

Even if you hate conflict, it’s important to know how to express your needs and feelings in healthy ways. This will weed out the narcissists and help you build more fulfilling relationships.

Make nature a priority

If you live in the big city it might be easy to forget how much you need time in nature. Give your soul what it needs by taking a forest bath or spending time by the water.

Try a new mindfulness technique

We all know mindfulness works, but it can get a bit boring. Spice things up by trying a new technique like S.K.Y Breathing or a golden light visualization.

Plan for emotional overwhelm

Having coping tools on hand before you’re overwhelmed is key. Many of my empathic clients have responded very well to Emotional Freedom Technique. Drastically reducing stimulation may also be necessary (go in a dark, quiet room sans smart phone).

Most importantly, don’t give up on yourself. If you can cultivate deep compassion for others you can do the same for yourself!

So, how do you protect your empath energy?

Feel free to share in the comments. And for more insights on how to communicate and connect as an introverted empath, grab my free guide:

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