dating introvert girl

It’s said that opposites attract. But in the case when one partner is extraverted, open, cheerful, and active, and the other is introverted, deeply thinking, and inclined to delve into himself, such relationships may mean difficulties in communication, or, because of a mismatch of views, even end up with a breakup.

Extraverts are straightforward and characterized by openness, sociability, and the desire to be the center of attention. Such people receive energy from the outside world and feel best when they are around people.

Introverts have different needs than extraverts, and in order to build lasting, trusting relationships with them, you need to follow certain rules not, only when communicating, but also when living together.

Otherwise, misunderstandings as well as a clash of views and interests, can spell doom for the relationship. Here are some things to avoid while dating introvert girls.

  1. Violating personal space

Introverts love boundaries (even if they don’t admit it). They feel comfortable in a well-developed, familiar space. This applies to objects and rituals. “Are you taking my headphones again? Why did you rearrange my chair? You cleaned the room, and now I cannot find a thing.”

Actions that seem so natural to you can be perceived by your introvert partner as an invasion. When it comes to international dating on the Internet, even texting at the wrong time, when the girl was not ready, may disturb your her and make her sad.

It’s good when a more open partner respects the private space of another. But this does not mean that you should forget about yourself.

  1. Taking your partner’s sad mood too close to heart

Introverts can delve deep into their inner selves to focus, think about something important, or absorb information. During such moments, they can appear depressed, displeased, or angry. But this does not mean that they are really angry or sad. An introvert’s emotions are not always easy to understand, and more patience is required to interpret them.

  1. Constantly talking and not asking questions

Introverts tend to think that others see and understand things the same way as they do. For example, an introvert may have to work overtime and never think about warning a partner about it. Or go to another city without saying anything. Such actions can be annoying: “Does she really not understand that I am worried?”

A useful strategy, in this case, is to ask your partner what is bothering her right now. What would she like to discuss? What would she like to share? Tell your partner that she can feel safe communicating with you. She does not need to defend herself and carefully select words.

  1. Choosing the wrong moments to talk

It is difficult for introverts to to speak their mind and quickly react to your proposition or a new problem. In the case that you need to start an important conversation with an introvert girl, find out when you can do it so that she feels the most at ease.

  1. Not supporting enough

If your partner is an introvert, you need to know that she needs support when tricky situations arise or problems happen. Try to encourage her to take action to eliminate the possibility of hidden problems. Also, an extroverted partner can be very useful when it comes to resolving an introvert’s personal doubts related to his behavior or lifestyle.

  1. Being selfish

You’ll have the most success in a relationship with an introvert girl when you have empathy. This means you’re able to understand the feelings of your partner. Very often, a person focused on his thoughts and internal processes remains incomprehensible to those who are inclined to perceive life situations superficially.

In this case, the introvert may feel misunderstood and lonely, as if talking to a partner in different languages. So remember to ask your girl about how she feels all the time, so she feels understood.

  1. Misinterpreting emotions

You need to be able to capture changes in the introvert’s mood when she is thoughtful, timid, and sad. Reflect her feelings, adjusting to the mood. Unobtrusively and carefully ask questions, carefully listening and sympathizing, if necessary. An introvert must feel that you are on the same page with her, that you understand her world.

As you can see, dating introverts is not such a difficult thing; you should only remember that they are very sensitive. So, avoid stupid mistakes or arguments, treat them with as much love and care as you can possibly give, which shouldn’t be difficult for you if you are an extrovert who took the time to read this article.