Amanda Palmer-The Art of Asking

A couple of weeks ago, I referenced Amanda Palmer’s amazing TED Talk, The Art of Asking.   This post will consist of me exercising my vulnerability muscles by practicing this art.

As many of you know, this month I embarked on a challenge to write a new blog post everyday until the end of September.  I did this to push myself to write more and also to improve this website.  Part of me expected writing a post seven days a week to be a burden.  But something incredible happened.  Instead of feeling weighed down, I have felt uplifted.  Rather than dreading writing posts each day, I look forward to it.  The truth is, connecting with all of you through my writing has been a gift.  And the response has been incredible.

This past week,  Introvert Spring was overwhelmed by thousands of visitors.  So much so that my hosting account was suspended because of resource overuse.  I feel genuinely humbled that so many people identify with what I write.  It lights me up inside and

Running this site is starting to become expensive (upgrading hosting being the main expense which I did after reading good things on TechTage about a host I was considering).  If you feel inclined, please help me to continue running this site by checking out my courses.  That is all.

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