introvert sleep secrets

2 am knows all my secrets. I think this has a lot to do with the fact that I’m an introvert. We introverts crave the absolute solitude that only the cloak of night can offer. While others are snoozing soundly, dreaming of showing up to school naked, we are wide awake. And enjoying every minute.

I used to think that my strange sleeping patterns were just a glitch in my internal clock, something I could fix with practice and determination. But now I know that there are just too many factors that keep an introvert like me awake at night.

Quiet house, loud thoughts

Since nighttime is usually the quietest time of day in any home, it is also when we introverts hear our own thoughts most clearly. When the lights go out, our brain turns on.

We think about our problems, our projects, our passions, and our people. While others stay up to canoodle with their partners, we whisper sweet nothings in our own ear. We must copulate with every idea, dream, and worry until our brain puts on its flannel pyjamas and says it has a headache.

Secret conversations

Late at night is also when we have the best and most honest conversations with ourselves. Some might call this weird, or even crazy. In truth, our inner conversations are what keep an introvert sane. Unfortunately, they also keep us sleep deprived much of the time.

On top of our own thoughts, we have another more sneaky adversary on our quest for eight hours of good night’s sleep.

The sneakiest sleep thief

This particular obstacle has gotten in the way of me and my bed too many times to count. What makes it so tricky to avoid is the fact that it seems completely innocent. It’s something that everyone does. Even extroverts, I’m told, fall prey to the enticements of this cunning sleep thief.

Take the other night, for example. I was all ready for bed: teeth brushed, face washed, onesie on. I even turned the corner of my duvet down so that my bed looked more inviting. “Come on in,” it seemed to say, “let’s make sweet sweet dreams, baby”.

So, I did climb in with every intention of closing my eyes, and falling into a deep and blissful sleep. But …

Instead of shutting my eyes, I opened a book, and I would not – COULD NOT – close it until I reached the last page. And just like that, all my grand plans for a restful sleep were thwarted.

Indeed, many a noble introvert have given into the allure of a good book late at night. There is another even more destructive (and seductive) sleep thief that keeps introverts up at night.

Where am I, and why are my eyeballs twitching?!

Nowadays, we also have our phones to contend with at bedtime. Within a palm-sized piece of plastic and metal lies endless hours of late night distractions. Except with this sneaky sleep deprivation contraption there is no last page. We can scroll, and click, and read until our eyeballs start to twitch and we don’t know what month we are in.

In lieu of useful advice …

As you can see, there are many a reason to stay up at night as an introvert. I could give you some advice on how to get more shut-eye, but it would probably be so boring it would put you to sleep (and I secretly want you to stay up and read all my best blog posts ;)).

So, instead, I will leave you with this:

introvert sleep

Okay, that was kinda mean. Let’s try this again …

introvert sleep cat

Okay, okay, this one is nicer, I swear:

introvert sleep doggy


What about you? Does 2 am know all your secrets? What keeps you up at night? Please do share your thoughts in the comments below. ?