introvert mind

Let’s talk about a situation that makes a lot of introverts hate themselves. This particular scenario used to happen to me a lot when I was around extroverts. It can happen anywhere, but let’s just say you’re are at a bar:

You go in feeling pretty good about yourself. You know bars aren’t really your scene, but you’re with your friends, and you have some liquid courage on hand.

Then you start to feel tired. As your energy plummets, everything around you picks up speed. More people show up. The music gets louder. All of a sudden, new people are sitting at your table with your friends.

This is when it begins.

No matter how much you will yourself to “be cool”, “chill out” and “have fun”, your mind will not oblige. This makes you feel like the bad guy. After all, your friends invited you out expecting you to join in their fun. No one likes a party pooper. But you can’t help but sulk. Then your sulking turns to shame.

Before you know it, you’re comparing yourself to the jovial extroverts at your table. The little troll in your mind points out how much better they are than you in every way. They are friendlier, prettier, more articulate, more likeable.

Then the troll turns his bony finger at you and asks, “Why would anyone like you? You’re so boring and uncool. Everyone can tell you don’t belong here. What’s wrong with you?”

The troll is most vicious when you are tired, or outside your comfort zone.

In this particular scenario, you have both circumstances working against you. The troll is in the heyday of his cruelty.

Like I said before, I have experienced the above scenario countless times. I know how much it hurts. Even though I felt confident and successful in many other situations, a scenario like the one above could knock my confidence down at the knees.

What I realized was that I was missing a key piece of the puzzle. Really, it was the central piece – the one that holds all the other pieces together: self-love.

It wasn’t so much that these situations made me hate myself. It’s that they revealed the self-loathing I had kept hidden. I know that a lot of other introverts have felt this same sense of self-hatred. This makes me so sad.

I want introverts to feel whole. I want to kill the troll.

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