introverted intuitive feeling perceiving type

Are you a highly intuitive introvert who cares deeply about personal emotions and ideals?  Do you have little motivation for mundane daily tasks, but pursue your goals and passions with unusual intensity?  If so, you might just be an INFP type (just like me!).

According to the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator, the four letter code for this personality type is Introversion, Intuition,Feeling and Perceiving.

  • Introversion (I): How do you relate to the world and focus your energy?
  • Intuition (N): How do you perceive information?
  • Feeling (F): How do you make decisions?
  • Perceiving (P): How to you orient yourself to the outside world?

Feelings focused

INFPs tend to be focused on our inner world of emotions.  We often make decisions based on feelings rather than logic. If given the choice, we usually prefer to talk about emotions and dreams, rather than hard facts and logic.  While everyday details bore us, we are fascinated by the Human Condition. Although INFPs are often reserved when expressing our emotions, we do care deeply  about our relationships and ideals.

Introverted intuitive

INFP type personalities rely heavily on our own intuition to guide us through life.  We are highly intuitive when it comes to understanding other people’s motives and emotions.  Although not usually detail-oriented, INFPs can be very observant of the emotional states of those around us.  We might not be able to remember what color the walls were painted, but we will likely be able to recall our feelings in a given situation.

Defensive of ideals

Like most introverts, INFPs avoid conflict like the plague.  Fortunately, we are very flexible and laid back most of the time, so we are good at preventing conflicts.  The only time that we might become aggressive or excessively defensive is when one of our primary ideals is violated.  We are passionate defenders of our cause.  For this reason, we can become irrationally outraged when our core values are questioned or threatened.

High Standards

Even though INFP types are not known for being detail-oriented, we often have incredibly high standards when it comes to the things that matter most to us. We will go great lengths to further our cause.  Because of this, we tend to be unnecessarily hard on ourselves.  We can easily overlook how far we’ve come, as we push forward toward our goals.  If we don’t remember to celebrate our victories and enjoy the moment, we risk becoming overly obsessed and even depressed.

Hopeless romantics

Even if we don’t show it, most INFPs are hopeless romantics.  We are sensitive creatives who are in love with love. This puts us at risk of being carried away by our own fantasies of the perfect partner, while the real deal goes unnoticed right under our nose.

Does this sound like you?  If you’re and INFP, too, I’d love to hear about your experiences and challenges.  

michalea chung