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A lot of people think introverts don’t like socializing and that there is nothing harder than gaining their trust. People who find it hard to make friends do not have to be introverted by nature, as there can be other factors that stop people from broadening their social circle. 

Innies love friendship but not on a superficial level like most relationships turn out to be. Introverts crave a deep and meaningful bond that grows with time and trust.

Yes, some introverts are also shy, but this doesn’t mean that they don’t crave a strong personal relationship with those who they find trustworthy. If you consider yourself an introvert, you might just need a few solid tips to make fulfilling friendships on your own terms.

Accept yourself

There’s no need to be ashamed of being an introvert. Introverts have many shining qualities that are valuable in a friendship, such as loyalty and intuition. Your uniqueness is also a great asset for attracting real, authentic friends.  This separates you from other faceless people, thus making you interesting for those who are looking for something special.

So don’t be afraid of your unique ‘introvertisms’. Embrace it, and be proud of the qualities that shape your personality. When you become confident in your skin, you’ll naturally attract more accepting people into your life.

It takes courage to be yourself, because some people won’t like your style. But you don’t need people who don’t appreciate you for who you are. 

Socialize in introvert friendly ways

Being highly introspective and emotionally intelligent can feel like a hindrance in a world of shallow interactions. But remember that these traits will be an asset in the right environments.

Meet people through your passions and hobbies, so that you already have a basis for connection. You can also set the stage for meaningful conversations by choosing quieter environments, like coffee shops, instead of noisy bars.

Understand that friendship is about trust, so if you don’t feel like approaching people directly, try an online forum or group. Connect by chat until you develop enough trust with someone to take it to the next level.

That level might be a live encounter or simply a phone call or anything that makes you comfortable at that moment. 

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Developing some social skills or reading some friendship essay examples or books about socializing might help a lot. Socializing is an art, and every art form can be learned or perfected with enough practice.

There are many examples of how to conduct small talk, which is an area that most Innies despise until they feel a true connection with someone. You just need someone who loves the same things you do, such as books, scenic drives, cats and walking in the rain.

Use modern technology

We are living in a great time for introverts who adore texting or communicating through any media that doesn’t involve live conversation. 

That’s why the online virtual jungle provides a place where introverts can feel confident in their quest for friends ,while retaining their independence and personal space. 

For introverts, browsing through Facebook is like getting free samples at a supermarket. Every app for socializing is a great invention for introverted people, and they use it with pleasure, especially college students who need some help with socializing. 

Students are one special category that has a lot of opportunities for creating bonds with others. Unfortunately, for introverts, big crowded parties are not so appealing.

If someone could write an essay on how introverts make friends, using social networks and online games would be on top of this list. It’s also important to explain to people that you need time alone to recharge. 

This can be a test of their worthiness. If they accept your uniqueness, you can keep them. Otherwise, let them go and find some other people who appreciate your authenticity. 

This way you’ll be sure you’re hanging with the right people with who you can keep getting closer. Then it’s just a matter of bonding over your shared hobbies and interests.

So, don’t be afraid to be yourself and make friends in a way that feels good to you. Those who like you will appear seemingly from nowhere, and they’ll be grateful for your friendship.