Introverts or extroverts—who do women find more attractive? If you’re an introverted man, you might feel like women are more drawn to gregarious types. You’re left to wonder, do women like introverted men?

When you imagine the “hot guy” that women flock to, extroverted characters from TV may come to mind: the flirtatious Jim Halpert, the witty Jerry Seinfeld, the charming (but sleazy) Don Draper.

Meanwhile, you may feel like your quiet, pensive nature makes you less attractive. Not so!

Introverted men have their own irresistible appeal. Think James Bond, Bruce Wayne, and Ryan Gosling in Drive. Looking at these characters, you have to admit that there’s something undeniably sexy about introverted guys.

In case you need more proof that women really do like introverted men, here are six reasons why:

You’re enticingly mysterious

Mystery and seduction go together like whiskey and soda. It’s cool to not show all your cards at once. Understated personality types are so damn attractive to women because they leave something to the imagination.

Women have a reason to think and dream about you long after that first encounter. And don’t we all love a little bit of fantasy?

You listen and observe

Women love to feel seen and heard. As an observant introverted man who listens more than he speaks, you can easily make women feel great in your presence.

As a good listener and observer, you make your date feel interesting and beautiful. This is key for creating attraction because, as the old saying goes, women don’t fall in love with you—they fall in love with who they are when they’re with you. Not only that…

With the right conversation questions and topics, which I outline in this Flirting Guide for Introverted men, you can easily create a spark on dates.

You’re interesting

Another reason why women like introverted men is because you’re interesting to talk to. How can you not be when you think and feel so deeply? Rather than skimming the surface, you to take a deep dive into your favorite hobbies and areas of interest.

Intelligent women enjoy conversing with men who have interesting thoughts and perspectives. That’s you!

You’re growth-minded

Introverted men tend to value personal growth. Perhaps, you’re a personal development junkie who loves to consume books and videos on how to improve yourself and your life (that’s what brought you to this article, after all!).

Whether you focus on dating, career or communication skills, your dedication to growth is hot as hell—especially to high quality women.

You’re self-aware

It’s hard to truly know another human being if you don’t know yourself. Luckily, as an introverted man you’ve taken the time to self-reflect and get to know your values, beliefs and strengths.

Being self-aware helps you to understand women better. You can empathize with their deep thoughts and feelings because you’ve first identified them in yourself.

You’re intuitive

Attraction is all about FEELINGS—and so is intuition. That’s why your intuitive nature is so freaking attractive to women. You don’t just rely on facts and logic, you sense subtle energies and emotions and can read beneath the surface.

As Stephen Chbosky put it in The Perks of Being a Wallflower, “You see things. You keep quiet about them. And you understand.”

The verdict: Do women really find introverted men attractive?

Hopefully, after reading this article you can see that the answer is a resounding YES! Introverted men have a ton of qualities that women find attractive.

However, if you’re interested in attracting the RIGHT woman as an introverted man, I have a quick question for you:

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