Why are you serious

Do people ever ask you this annoying question: Why are you so serious? You’re not the only one! After “why are you so quiet?” this is probably the question we introverts get asked the most.

A lot of the time, people are just misinterpreting our resting b*tch face. Other times, they’re picking up on our discomfort in a situation that doesn’t feel natural to us.

Even though it’s an annoying question that only serves to make us feel uncomfortable…

And even though it’s totally rude for others to ask us this question in that condescending way they do…

It is a worthwhile question to ask ourselves.

It’s something I started asking myself this year when the universe gave me a proverbial punch in the face. I realized that I really was taking myself too seriously. I’d taken this whole grownup thing too far—TOO FAR, DAMMIT.

It was time to reclaim my childlike sense of play and wonder. Your inner child is probably itching to come out to play, too.

I still slip into serious overthinking mode. But I’ve made headway. I try to take a more playful approach to everything I do, including work, exercise, friendships, and my hobbies.

What does that look like?

  • Doing Zumba and dancing around my house to get my cardio in because it’s more fun than the treadmill.
  • Going outside to do my visioning and goal setting instead of slugging my way through indoors all the time.
  • Allowing myself to just enjoy the process instead of being a perfectionist.
  • AND, drum roll, please…

A fun new, ‘just because’ thingy on Introvert Spring

I also decided to add a new feature to Introvert Spring for no logical reason other than the fact that it tickles me. I hope it tickles you, too, and adds some sweet playfulness to your day.

So, without further adieu, look to the horizon and behold…

It’s a bird…

It’s a plane…

No, it’s a…

Online Fortune Cookie


Yep, I had my tech guy create a digital fortune cookie that you can crack open to receive your daily fortune. Heck, you can crack that baby open 10 times a day if you like—they’re calorie free!

Crack Open Your Fortune Cookie Now 

I opened my fortune this morning and it was just what I needed to hear after moving into my new apartment last week and feeling discouraged by all the stuff I still need to do/buy/DIY to make it feel like home. Here’s what it said:

online fortune cookie

I’ll leave you with this final question:

What are some ways you can take a more playful approach to life?

With the power invested in me as an introvert author, coach and lifelong weirdo, I give you permission to do that thing that is totally pointless, but makes your heart smile.

Talk soon.



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