INFJ personality

The INFJ personality is the rarest Myers-Briggs type. These unique butterflies comprise only 1% of the world’s population.

Even to Carl Jung, who is widely considered to be the founder of the personality examination, INFJs are the “mysterious ones”.

Few understand the complex beauty of an INFJ mind. Many are intrigued by its deep understanding, and intuition.

It is extremely rare to meet an INFJ personality in person. Everyone, including myself, will confirm that this is a special moment. You are not just meeting anyone, you are meeting a rare gem.

Rare, but extremely valuable

Even though I am an INFJ myself, I have never met one in person. However, I am lucky that several of my closest friends are INFJs. We haven’t met in real life yet, but having a virtual INFJ friend can also be wonderful!

Speaking through Skype, my INFJ friend and I admitted that we are “scared” of how we will react when we first meet. The meeting of two INFJs is the equivalent of winning a lottery two times in a row.

Many INFJs I speak with on a daily basis have the same problem. Because we are people oriented, we act like a small colony of meerkats when we find each other. We cherish and protect one another. Quality over quantity best describes an INFJ meeting. ☺

What’s important to know about the INFJ personality?

What’s crucial to understand about INFJs is that we know we are rare. We know that the majority of people don’t understand us. This is why we value our own company more than anything. However, we care deeply about other people. For us, humanity represents a well of inspiration, and motivation.

Sounds confusing, right? Allow me to explain.

Our personality, although introverted, is oriented towards people.
Our levels of kindness, understanding and acceptance are legendary! We thrive on helping others to succeed, because their success makes us happy.

Being the rarest personality type brings several challenges. Here are the most common ones:

Challenges INFJs face

1. We don’t “fit in” anywhere.
Due to our rarity and uniqueness, it’s hard to find people who understand us. We often think, “I am not good enough”, which has a devastating effect on our complex mind.

2. We think there is something wrong with us.
Almost every INFJ I spoke with said this. We think there is something wrong with us because we act differently. We feel broken, like a car ready to be carried away for repairs.

3. We are more lonely than other introvert types.
For INFJs, there is no middle ground. The very core of our being is “all in”, or nothing at all. This is why loneliness hits INFJs so hard. We want to connect deeply with the right people.

Of course, there are also many advantages to being such an authentic diamond.

Unique Strengths of the INFJ personality

INFJs possess huge levels of empathy, understanding, and intuition. We also have awesome listening, and organizational skills. I can go on, but we will focus on the primary INFJ personality strengths here.

INFJs are the “counselors”, the ones who are always there. We gladly sacrifice our own plans and time in order to help someone. When an INFJ opens up to you, know that you are special. We simply don’t do that often.

We notice all those little details that everyone else misses. I call INFJs “the walking radars”. We notice everything, and I mean everything.

We see when someone we cherish is sad, and we sense their sadness like it’s our own.

Our empathy, and emotions are other-worldly. Our intuition is so strong, even our fellow introverts are caught off guard.

You can compare us with moon dust. It’s said that one handful of moon dust is worth more than hundreds of tons of gold, and diamonds.

Gentle, understanding, and complex, INFJs make this world a little more beautiful, and a lot more interesting.

As one of the most famous INFJs in history, Gandhi, said:

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” ☺

Famous INFJs

Martin Luther King
Nelson Mandela
Mother Teresa
Alanis Morissette
Morgan Freeman
James Wilson (for all “House” series fans ☺ )
Aragorn (and one for all the LOTR fans)

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What are your thoughts about this rare and unique personality type? I would love to hear your experiences and insights! ☺