infj intuition

INFJ intuition – how to follow and listen to it when making decisions

Intuition is an INFJ’s greatest strength and yet we often lose touch with it as we try to fit in.

In a world that constantly tells us to follow the crowd, INFj’s can easily lose their mightiest gift and ally: intuition.

All INFJ’s experience trouble when not following intuition, and instead listening to the crowd about what’s right, what we should do, and how we should they react. It’s confusing and hard, I know. And a lot of times you get hurt and feel regret for that matter: “Why didn’t I listen to what my gut told me, I would have done the right thing”.

An INFJ’s intuition, our greatest strength

A while ago, I had a job interview. Decent salary, pleasant work environment, pleasant people. I passed the interview and the only thing remaining was to sign the contract. But something didn’t feel right. Everyone was telling me to accept it, but everything inside of me said not to. All of my INFJ alarms were turning on and telling me to get out of there.

Simply put, my intuition was telling me that something was wrong. I listened to it. Months after, I found out that the company was a fraudulent. It was a phantom company.

INFJ’s live through these kind of decisions on a whole new scale. We face constant pressure, comments, so called “advices”… Our answer to all that should always be: I choose to listen myself. My intuition. When everything inside of us tells us something is wrong, listen to that voice, he is your greatest ally.

Making an intuitive decision

Sometimes it will feel like your intuition is leading you in the wrong direction. Do not be mistaken, there will be pressure from the outside world, convincing you to “go with the flow”.
But there are no right or wrong choices in life, there are only learning opportunities. If you listen to your inner voice every time, you will never have to look back and wonder. You will never have to ask yourself that fearful question “what if”? When making a decision about something important, consult yourself first.

As an INFJ, your ability to assess a situation is one of your most powerful weapons. Imagine the feeling the solution will bring. Will it bring you peace, or will it bring you constant worry? Try to calm your thoughts and focus on the present situation. When in a calm state, you will allow your inner voice a chance to be heard, you will allow it to help you make the best decision.

Your intuition is the key for living your life how you imagined it. Trust it, even though sometimes it might feel that it’s leading you astray, believe in it. Your inner voice knows the answer you are seeking.

How to know when you did it right

You simply will. Even scientists don’t know what goes on in our brains when we are trying to decide something. Recent studies agree that humans in fact use 100 percent of their brain (not 10, that’s a myth), but still don’t know all the answers, and that’s ok.

Your intuition does. Nurture it, grow it. Never allow anyone to tell you that you should change, that you should try to fit in. Your INFJ identity is what makes you unique, be proud of it!

Intuition is something all INFJ’s have in common, something that gives us the advantage, not because it will solve everything, but because by following it, you will find yourself. You will find your purpose. It will give you that inner strength to become who you are meant to be.

Over to you

Please share you experiences with INFJ intuition, I would love to hear from you.

Hello, my name is Marko. I am a highly sensitive INFJ from Serbia who is following his dreams, learning along the way how to overcome many obstacles that the journey brings. Although a hardcore INFJ, I am currently in the business of marketing, PR, medias, but at all times using INFJ skills to better master all areas of life. I love to write and want to help INFJs to learn how to handle and escape negativity, feel accepted, and most importantly, help INFJs realize their creativity and the beautifull potential they posses. Find me on Facebook.