For some of us, socializing with others may come as easy as breathing air; for others, it may cause anxiety and unavoidable stress. Many introverts can face challenges in social situations where we have to communicate with others. 

However, socializing and possessing good communication skills is critical in many areas of life, especially in situations where you have to give public speeches

It’s important to grow on both a personal and professional level in life, and overcoming one of our weaknesses may be a great way to extend our horizons in various fields. 

While trying to overcome a barrier, it may help to read inspirational stories of others that can give you the motivational push you require to grow into the person you want to become. 

Websites such as allow you to read various motivational stories that can give you a head start you may need.

I’ve prepared a list of things you might want to consider when you find yourself in a social situation and feel anxious about your surroundings. Here’s everything you need to know:

Seek Help from a Professional

Your introvert traits are a valuable strength in many ways, but they can also make navigating certain surroundings difficult.

If this is the case, you might consider finding yourself a coach or therapist to guide you. Address your fears head on is key, because avoiding them can make them grown stronger.

Speaking with a professional coach or a licensed psychotherapist may help you overcome your fear of social situations. 

These experts will guide you on how to approach the circumstances that cause you a great deal of stress. They may also help you understand where your introverted tendencies come from.

This allows you to discover the source of your stress, and cathartically opening your eyes to the fact that whatever it is that you’re worried about may not be as big of a deal as you thought.

Start Slow 

The key to getting more confident with social communications is starting off slow. 

One day you might have to speak in front of an audience of people or ask a question during a lecture, which may cause you a great deal of stress. 

That’s why the key to success is to start slow. Maybe the first step for you could be to go out more often when possible and try to communicate with restaurant staff or your local barista more confidently. 

Those small practices can make you realize that any previous fears that you had will slowly start to vanish, and you may just find yourself lifting your hand to ask a question in class or during meetings.

Maximizing your interactions with unfamiliar people is also essential. That’s why even the smallest things, such as communicating with staff members, may lead to achieving bigger breakthroughs. 

Familiarize Yourself with Various Conversation Topics

Heading into a conversation with unfamiliar people may feel stressful.That’s why it helps to prepare some conversational topics beforehand. 

To make it clear, I’m not telling you to memorize an entire script, and reciting it. Nevertheless, knowing what to talk about in different settings is the key to a naturally flowing conversation. 

Is an introvert, you may find initiating conversations challenging. However, knowing how to do that will give you a real confidence boost. 

You can start by following the news and getting familiar with some of the latest hit TV shows or books. 

You’ll soon realize just how well a conversation can flow when you find a common topic with another person. Before you know it, you’ll be having an interesting talk with someone, no awkward silences included!

Stretch Your Comfort Zone

I’m leaving our most important tip for last and it is simply to gradually stretch comfort zone. 

Many people will tell you to just “put yourself out there”, but the truth is, getting comfortable with social interactions requires practice. 

Both negative and positive real-life situations are valuable in building up your confidence level, and becoming more comfortable with social interactions. 

So maybe next time, it’s worth showing up to an event where you just don’t know that many people, or going out with a group of friends. Just be sure to honor your introverted needs and leave early if you need to.

This way, you’ll start building up the courage to excel in other group settings. Remember, small steps and gradual progress are the key to succeeding without introvert overwhelm.

It’s Worth It

Entering a new setting and interacting with people you’re not familiar with may be a stressful experience for some people, especially for introverts. 

That’s why it’s essential to learn ways to overcome such stressful situations and let people in to gain first-hand experience of what you might want to work on. 

You may discover that what has been holding you back prevented you from cultivating many valuable relationships. You’re stronger than your fears. Facing them in gentle ways will give you confidence to succeed.