ISTP personality

“If the rules only get in the way, then the rules must change” – these words are fundamental to the ISTP personality.

ISTP personality types like to stimulate our senses. We also tend to take risks and bend, or even break, the rules.

Have you ever been in a emergency situation? ISTPs are the ones who get you out of it. Do you watch extreme sports or daredevil videos? ISTPs are usually the ones doing it.

We are fiercely independent and like to keep our lives open to whatever we feel like doing. But we don’t just jump into something and think about it later. We must analyze all angles, and go with what angle works best.

We do not respect the rules of the “system”, but follow our own rules faithfully. We’re fiercely loyal to our causes and beliefs. If you violate these beliefs, we can be cold and dismissive.

Here are some famous ISTPs you might have heard of:

Famous ISTP Personality Types

Michael Jordan

Bill Murray

Bruce Lee

Scarlett Johansson

Tom Cruise

Clint Eastwood

Demi Moore

Emily Blunt

Anna Kndrick

James Dean

Snoop Dogg

John Malkovich

Harrison Ford

Christian Bale

Frank Zappa

Dalai Lama

Steve Jobs

Vladimir Putin

..To name a few

The most famous ISTP personality of all time?

A classic example of an ISTP personality would be the iconic character of James Bond, 007. The British spy has all the traits of our personality type. He will analyze a situation until he finds the best way to handle it on his own terms. In the face of danger or emergency, he is calm and controlled, relishing the thrill.  The rules don’t apply to him. Instead, he makes his own rules.

Bond has always had a small group of people he trusts, and will not let someone into his life unless they truly mean something to him. After all is said and done, you can find him alone, or with his girl.

ISTP stare of doom

In or out – it’s hard to decide!

First and foremost, the ISTP personality lives internally, analyzing things rationally and logically. But we also live externally, taking things in with our five senses in a very literal way. We like things that smell, taste, look, feel, and sound good.

Because we enjoy the external world so much, our time alone is priceless. We absorb large quantities of facts and feelings, so we need quiet to sort through them and make judgements. We recharge like any other introvert – in solitude, or with the rare partner with whom we can share our solitude.

Analyzing people and situations since forever

The ISTP’s dominant personality trait is Introverted Thinking, followed by Extroverted Sensing. We are realists to the core. Things must have a logical meaning for us to make sense of them. If we’re doing something without meaning, it usually feels boring and unfulfilling to us.

We tend to analyze any situation, job, or relationship that we’re in. We believe that everything happens for a reason, and it’s up to us to find that reason. We do all this inside our head.

Spending too much time focusing internally leads to an external drive to rid ourselves of boredom.

As an ISTP personality myself, I love going for hikes, drives, bike rides – anything that gets me outdoors. When I was young, I enjoyed the thrill of breakdancing, and doing more extreme sports.

The introverted part of my personality has always made me want to do the above activities on my own, or with a small group of close friends that I trust. Even though some of these activities are shared with many people, I’ve always wanted to do them on my own terms.

What about you?

Are you an ISTP? Or do you have one in your life? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Please share your comments below. 🙂


Giancarlo Giuliano is a sales and finance manager with a passion for helping introverts communicate with confidence in the workplace. True to his introverted nature, he lives and works by the motto, “you have two ears and one mouth for a reason”. Connect with him on LinkedIn. Or catch him at a local market, trail, or beach on Vancouver island. 🙂