Introverts struggle with specific insecurities that many people don’t understand. These secret insecurities can be very painful, especially when you feel like you’re the only one who has these struggles.

That’s exactly how I used to feel. I thought that I was a big ol’ weirdo because I couldn’t seem to overcome what I saw as major character flaws.

Thankfully, I now know that most introverts have felt exactly the same way I did, and there’s nothing horribly wrong with me after all!

I explain the top three introvert insecurities in today’s video. I also reveal a behind the scenes look at what happened on the 2018 introvert retreat in Sacred Valley, Peru.

Before you hear my honest take on the retreat experience, which actually really surprised me in many ways, I wanted to give you a quick heads up about this year’s retreat…

New Spring 2020 Introvert Retreat In Peru

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Here’s what other participants had to say about the retreat:

introvert retreat

“It was a pleasure to be around like-minded people. It was an acceptance I’ve never felt before in my life and I’ve been searching for since I was a kid. It was reinforcement that there are people out there who understand…I felt a sense of fellowship. It was very healing.” —Marian

“In overwhelming situations the recovery time was shortened. What would normally take days took hours. The group somehow provides recharging when a group normally doesn’t do that. It’s weird.” —Holly

“Wow, these guys really care for me. It’s always nice to know that people have your back. You feel more comfortable. I felt good the whole time because I was with good people…There was a willingness to help and caring you wouldn’t expect from strangers.” —Julio

“It helped me see it’s okay to do stuff for myself. It was really inspiring for me to be around you guys.”—Laina

During our closing discussion circle, when organizer Melissa Renzi asked the group what they would tell people about their introvert retreat experience, the response was unanimous, and delightfully introverted:


Marian, an INFJ from the U.S., added, “We understand here, and that’s enough.”