Proposing to your better half is is never an easy task. It can be especially tricky if your special someone is an introvert. Before you head out to plan a big and crowded proposal, stop and put yourself in an introvert’s shoes. Introverts tend to be reluctant to be in crowds.

Do you think it would be smart to propose in front of a large group of people or at some cramped restaurant? Probably not. The key is to avoid putting them on the spot in front of strangers. No need to panic though, here are some great tips to propose to your introverted significant other.

Just the two of you

Having an introverted partner means that they often prefer one-on-one interactions, so it will it’s easier to propose when it’s just two of you. Make it intimate, private, and personal. 

People with such unique characters strive for simplicity and they certainly don’t want to feel pressured when there are other unfamiliar people watching. Choose a special and romantic location for the two of you. If you pick a romantic atmosphere that suits her character, you’ll make it easy for her to say “yes”.

Embrace her uniqueness

Like most introverts, your significant other has a unique personality. The best way to propose would be to keep her love of solitude in mind. Go through things that she loves doing alone and with you. Choose the activity that she is most interested in to set an ambiance she would definitely be comfortable in.

The setting may reflect her favorite book, or a love scene from her favorite movie. In the end, make sure that the engagement ring wows her. If in doubt about where to search for an exquisite engagement ring, hop over to this website to find the dazzling gem that will suit her uniqueness. 

Opt for a private location

It’s a must to avoid over-the-top proposals that include famous city locations with a lot of unknown people roaming around. Actually, anything that will force her out of her comfort zone is out of the question. This includes crowded restaurants as well. Go for the remote location where you could enjoy each others’ company (and love) without watchful eyes. Think something like a hot-air balloon ride, a weekend spa getaway, a picnic on the beach, or rent a rooftop at the tallest building in the city.

Words as an eternal symbol

Say how you honestly feel towards your special someone, but in writing rather than in person. Before you decide to directly pop the question, give her a special letter where you have written down your loving thoughts and words. 

Actions speak louder than words, and when you have your true feelings written down for her in an old-fashioned manner, she’ll be totally swept off her feet. This will be a good intro for asking the big question. As an introvert she will be mentally prepared. She’ll feel relaxed and ready to give you the long-anticipated answer you’ve been waiting for.

Include friends and family 

Very often an introvert feels most comfortable and serene around people he or she loves and knows the best. Besides you, close friends and family can make her feel more natural and cheerful.

In this way, you can propose to her in front of people she is close with. She’s less likely to feel intimidated or apprehensive that all eyes are on her. Certainly, her parents would appreciate the grand opportunity of sharing that moment. Just be sure that your introvert has positive relationships with these family members.

Don’t let confusion about how to propose to an introvert stop you from sharing and showing love. Once she says “I do” she will no longer be alone.