Trump so bad even introverts are here

President Donald Trump has created a unique dilemma for many introverts. Allow me to explain with a scenario most introverts will relate to.

Imagine you’re on a plane, and fate has sat you right next to someone who won’t shut up. They talk and talk and talk without pause. Under normal circumstances you would politely nod and pretend to listen, while looking for the nearest exit. But guess what.

It’s a plane! You can’t escape until that puppy lands. Unfortunately, this happens to be a very long flight. The Trump plane isn’t scheduled to land for another four years. This leaves introverts with a choice:

Stay quiet or speak up about Trump?

For others, this might sound like a simple choice. But for introverts, the decision to boldly voice our opinion is not one that we take lightly. We are, by our very nature, calm and conflict-averse. Speaking out against bullies is sure to create some conflict.

So, yeah, it takes a lot to get us to the point where we tell the obnoxious dude on the plane to shut up. I don’t know about you, but for me it takes …

  • Being ignored and underestimated by a narcissistic bully who doesn’t know how to listen
  • Dishonesty, half-truths, and, yes, even ‘alternative facts’
  • Chauvinism, sexism, racism, and any other form of unfair discrimination
  • Constant fear mongering and the overwhelming energy of anxiety it creates

At this particular moment, I feel like the noisy POTUS sitting next to me on the plane embodies all of the above. And I simply cannot keep quiet anymore.

Never mind the fact that I’m an introvert, and I hate the idea of offending anyone. Or the fact that I’m a nice Canadian girl who was taught to be sugar and spice and everything polite. Never mind any of that because POTUS Trump has lit a fire under my sweet and obedient little behind.

Yes, as an introvert I am quiet much of the time. It takes a lot to get a rise out of me. But there is a tipping point for even the most mild-mannered introvert.

 Have you reached that point yet?

Some of you may be simmering with unrest. Others are burning with anger. Still more feel like you are stewing in a melting pot of fear. Let me tell you where I’m at.

I am at the point where anger meets action. I am willing to risk offending some people as I exercise my right to speak my truth. After all, I know what it feels like to not speak up. For too many years I let important words get caught in my throat. I kept quiet about my needs, my fears, my feeling, my dreams. Not today.

Today I am speaking out against the guy on the plane who doesn’t know how to listen. I hear that he’s a fan of social media, so maybe I can blog and tweet my way to being heard. In the end, it doesn’t really matter if Trump hears my voice.

When you get enough people — introverted people, extroverted people, Muslim people, Christian people, LGBTQ people, famous people, influential people, average Joe people — speaking as one, the loudmouth on the plane can’t ignore us anymore. Here’s the best part.

Thanks to the internet, we introverts don’t even need to leave the house to make our voices heard. We can sign petitions, write blog posts, share on social media, and boycott businesses. But when things are this bad, many of us are even willing to go out and march.

Trump so bad even introverts are here

As for me, I’m speaking up.

The whole world is on this plane. Let’s not let one noisy passenger ruin it for the rest of us. — Tweet This.




P.S. What about you? Do you share my feelings on speaking up as an introvert? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Just please keep comments constructive. All opinions are welcome, but aggressive, and hateful comments will be deleted.

[Update From The Author] After reading the dozens of comments that have  poured in, here are my honest thoughts: It was actually really interesting and valuable to hear perspectives from BOTH sides. As one commenter pointed out, “When I first saw this I almost quit the forum, (I don’t need this …. here), I did find myself venting a political view. I’d never do that in the venting forum. Think about that.. She gave us a place to vent politics, even if we never would have otherwise, venting can be good for us.” So there it is. This post lit enough of a fire under people’s bums to start talking honestly (and for the most part, thankfully, not too aggressively).  I hope the trend continues. xo