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Are you an introvert going through a divorce?. Depending on the extent of your introversion, the way you cope with your divorce could be completely different than the extroverts out there.

Seeking free family law legal advice may be the first port of call for someone who has an introverted nature. They may see diving straight into taking legal action a little dauting. Then, during and after the process, they may not seek out emotional support from friends and family in the same way that others might.

In this article, we’ll take a look at these potential differences. We’ll then share 8 ideas for dealing with a divorce as an introvert. Take a look…

How do Introverts Deal with Divorces?

The Huffington Post says that there are seven ways in which introverts handle divorce differently to the average person. These are:

  1. They will go over the events that led to the split over and over, which can give them trouble with moving on.
  2. They need to be alone during their break-up.
  3. They’re less likely to get over the divorce by getting under someone else.
  4. The divorce process will drain them.
  5. They are less likely to message their ex than others.
  6. They may not talk to their friends about it.
  7. They will appreciate it if their friends reach out to them.

8 Tips for Surviving a Divorce as an Introvert

As you can see, introverts may not deal with a divorce and break-up like other people, which is why you may need some different coping mechanisms. Here are 8 ways to deal with your divorce as an introvert:

1. Spend Some Time Alone

For the introverts out there, this is likely to come naturally to you. After years with your partner, you may actually find you enjoy this newfound peace and quiet!

Definitely make the most of this time alone, and use it to recenter yourself, and make goals and plans. It’s also the perfect time to eat a lot of takeaways and watch a few TV favourites.

2. Don’t Be Tempted to Hide Away for Too Long

Yes, this newfound freedom may be just what you need, and it can certainly be tempting to hide away in your bedroom forever. But, as tempting as this may be, staying cooped up can make it even harder to get back into the big wide world.

So, why not try and organise some social time with small groups of friends to ease you back into normal life again? You don’t have to be going crazy with nights out, but instead socialising at home or in more quiet locations could be just what the doctor ordered.

3. Use Your Time Alone to Plan

If watching TV and reading books becomes too monotonous, a great way to use this new time alone could be to plan your future. A divorce may lead you to changes in finances, careers, living situations, and plans for your kids. Use this time to think about what you want out of life moving forward to plan out how you will achieve these new goals.

4. Stay Off Social Media

At the best of times, social media can be a minefield for introverts; being so easily contactable can be frustrating. According to Alexandra Samuel, writing for The Wall Street Journal, introverts “often find interactions difficult and draining, and they would largely prefer to do their work undisturbed, without self-promotion.”

On top of this, seeing the shiny, rose-coloured images of so many people online may make the transition to divorced life even more tricky. Because of this, spending some down-time away from social media is probably smart.

5. Rely on a Small Group of People You Trust

This is probably a way of life for you anyway, but sometimes it can feel as though it’s expected of you to offload about your divorce with those around you. The truth is, you don’t have to do this; it’s okay to stick to talking to those you trust.

6. Don’t Rush into Hooking Up with Someone New

There may be people around you telling you to let loose, go crazy, and hook up with someone new to get over your ex. That said, this may not be best for someone who’s introverted, and could make things even more complicated. So, don’t feel peer-pressured into this, and follow what you want to do.

7. Don’t Always Stick to Your Comfort Zone

Although a lot of our points focus on staying within your norms, it’s important that you don’t always do this. You should also look to challenge yourself with new experiences, even if it’s just taking some time away from your house and going on a little outing on your own.

As long as you take it slow, you can gradually build up to the bigger stuff over time, a bit like how many of us eased out of various lockdowns during the pandemic. This way, you can start getting back to your usual lifestyle as soon as possible.

8. Give it Time

You might become frustrated at yourself for taking things slow and keeping your feelings to yourself. After all, introverts may see how extroverts deal with their emotions and feel as though they’re doing something wrong.

Remember, we all deal with things differently. As long as you challenge yourself to get out of the house, socialise, and spend time doing things you enjoy, you should find some sort of new normality.

Struggling to Get Through Your Divorce as an Introvert?

In this article, we’ve shown you how introverts may deal with their divorce a little differently to other people. We’ve also gone through some of the ways you can learn to cope with this new way of life.

Although your emotional reaction to your divorce might not mirror what those around you expect, make sure to go through this all in your own time. Don’t feel pressured to follow the usual rhetoric of getting under someone to get over them. Instead, if you feel more comfortable in quieter spaces, just stick to socialising with your group of friends in private locations.

Good luck with your divorce, and remember, do what you think is best, not what others do.