“Truthfully, I’m an introverted sloth on the inside.”

These are the words of Dante Fabiero, author of Slothilda: Living The Sloth Life. Fabiero truly understands a dilemma that most introverts know all too well.

We introverts have limited energy, but that doesn’t mean our goals are any less ambitious. We are in a constant battle between our desire for self-improvement and our desire to satisfy our inner sloth.

Ambitious but lazy Slothilda is the new superhero for introverts who want to improve, but also just want to take a nap.

Fabiero, who has worked as an animator on shows like The Simpsons and American Dad!, drew inspiration for Slothilda from his own experiences being raised by over-achieving immigrant parents. Desperate to please his parents, he was constantly striving for perfection at the expense of his own needs.

“That internal conflict I experienced as a child still creeps up on me even as an adult. To this day I constantly struggle between doing the things I want to do versus the things I ‘should’ do.”


No matter your upbringing, I think most introverts can relate to the struggle to meet our own needs without being judged and criticized by others. After all, our harshest critic is the one we face in the mirror each morning.

Introverts feel guilty and self-conscious for wanting some time to ourselves to relax, recharge, and get our sloth on. Fabiero explains:

“Everyday I find myself working through feelings of self-consciousness, laziness, and doubt. Slothilda is a representation of those inner thoughts and experiences. She’s also a symbol of humor and empathy in that universal feeling of imperfection.”

Slothilda is a sweet and relatable illustration of a dilemma that is all too real for introverts. She’s a reminder to stop beating ourselves up for the qualities that make us human…and also adorable.

Here’s a sneak peek at the adorableness explosion you’ll find in Slothilda: Living The Sloth Life.

That moment when the day is done and you can finally relax in solitude!
This is how I always felt when I used to work in an office. Sometimes you just want to eat in peace.
Nothing completes an introvert recharge station like a cuddly animal friend. <3
slothilda comic
This is how I feel every Monday. Let me know if you can relate in the comments!

Hope you enjoyed these introvert comics by Dante Fabiero. Grab a copy of Slothilda here.


Michaela Chung

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