Have you ever noticed that introverts are like cats? I’ve talked about the similarities before, but I’ve found even more parallels, which are summarized in the below comic, illustrated by my nephew Brandon Chung.

introverts are like cats

A love for cat naps

Both introverts and cats love to curl up and have a good snooze. Cats can sleep all day. Often we introverts wish we could, too.

The warm and fuzzy connection

Introverts tend to gravitate toward warm and fuzzy things: cozy blankets, soft pyjamas, cuddly animal friends. Meanwhile, cats ARE a warm and fuzzy thing.

Selective affection

Cats don’t snuggle up to just anyone. Neither do introverts. We’re selectively affectionate. We save the warm glow of our love for our dearest friends and family.

Hiding from strangers

Cats run and hide under the bed the moment they hear a stranger at the door. Introverts are just as quick to hide from unexpected guests.

A calm and aloof demeanour

People often describe both introverts and cats as calm and aloof. But that’s just the people who don’t really know us. Our loved ones see our playful and affectionate side.

Simple needs

Cats are simple creatures. All they need is food, a cozy corner, and the occasional belly-rub. Introverts are much the same. Replace the belly rubs with wi-fi and we’re content as can be.

Fear of the phone

Both cats and introverts are scared of a ringing phone. After all, nothing ruins our favorite activities —napping and daydreaming—more than than an unexpected call.

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