introvert comic holiday spirits

This little introvert comic by Zora Jeong makes me LOL. People always associate the holidays with parties and non-stop socializing. But for introverts, some of the most blissful moments of the holidays are spent alone, cozy in our home.

Rarely bored alone, we find endless ways to entertain ourselves in solitude. We have our books, our art projects, or beloved Wi-Fi. And sure, we might get into the ‘holiday spirits’ with something a little stronger, too. After all the shopping and socializing, can you blame us?

No matter how you indulge yourself this season, don’t feel guilty. December is NOT an introvert friendly month. Even if you love Christmas, you’re bound to get overwhelmed by the demands of the season.

As an introvert, you really do need time to rest and recharge after being in stimulating environments, including crowded shopping malls, and holiday mixers. So, take a break, put your feet up, and get your Santa on with some milk and cookies, or gin and cookies—whatever gets you in the holiday spirit!

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