introvert comics

What do you think of this introvert comic by Zora Jeong? Maybe you can relate to this picture as an introvert…

Before a holiday party, you’re on your phone trying to soak up the last bit of alone time, or contemplating cancelling via text. But in the end you feel obligated to go to the party.

So you make it through those awkward first few moments, bracing yourself for all the small talk. At first, you white knuckle your wine glass, or hover near the food table. But then you see a source of comfort.

Ah, thank goodness the host has a pet! This immediately puts you at ease, because we Introverts love our animal friends.

Maybe you start to relax and actually enjoy the party, maybe you don’t. Either way, you come home drained. Socializing is exhausting for introverts, after all. Time to curl up and re–

Before you can finish a thought, you’re out cold, drifting off to dreamland, a magical place where there is absolutely no small talk. 😉

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