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For introverts, coming up with the right daily routine can be tough. Often, we’re so used to designing our life around the expectations of others, that we don’t even know what daily habits will make us happy.

There is a constant push and pull throwing us off balance. On the one hand, we want to do all of the things that healthy ‘normal’ people are expected to do. Unfortunately, in Western culture that means cramming your day with as many activities as possible. On the other hand, we just want to stay in bed for as long as possible. Where is the happy medium?

How can we, as introverts, find that sweet spot in our daily routine that satisfies our innie needs while also fulfilling our obligations?

I have to be honest, my daily habits are ever-evolving. I am continuously sculpting my day into just the right flow, only to smash my routine into smithereens the moment it becomes too familiar. What can I say, I’m an INFP personality, so I feel the constant need to remake my world.

The good news is that your daily routine can be set in stone, as predictable as tulips in spring, or it can be flexible like mine. Even if you like change like me, you’ll probably benefit from at least one anchoring activity in your routine.

For example, I always feel happiest when I start my day by writing. I usually do a bit of journalling, and then I’ll dive straight into writing a blog post, newsletter, or book. Of course, sitting in front of the computer all day doesn’t make for the healthiest routine, so I try to practice other daily habits that keep me happy and motivated.

Here is a summary of my favorite daily habits for a balanced introvert life. Feel free to mix and match and also change things up when you get bored.

Daily Habits for introverts

Morning Reflections

An introvert’s world centres around our mind. We are constantly turning inward, thinking and daydreaming. We also tend to ruminate, allowing worries to seep into our mind and strangle out our joy.

It makes perfect sense for introverts to begin the day by preparing our most important asset—our beautiful brain. Mentally prepare for the day with one of these activities:

  • Write down your dreams (do immediately upon waking)
  • Write down affirmations and goals
  • Meditate
  • Do yoga
  • Do EFT tapping
  • Say mantras in front of the mirror
  • Pray
  • Take 10 deep and focused breaths

I have integrated all of the above into my daily habits at one point or another and each one has helped reduce anxiety, create clarity, boost creativity, and sharpen my intuition throughout the day.

Flow activities

Flow activities focus your mind and make you loose sense of time. All of a sudden you look up from what you’re doing and can’t believe that several hours have passed. For me, writing can create a sense of flow. Sometimes, however, other activities like cooking or sewing are even more effective because they are consuming without feeling stressful.

If you’re not sure which flow activities to add to your daily habits, think back to the things you enjoyed as a child. Perhaps, you could spend hours putting together model airplanes or drawing. Or maybe you loved to style your friend’s hair into intricate braids.

There might be a more adult-friendly version of the activity. You could trade braids for baking or sewing. Instead of making model airplanes, you might take up carpentry.


A daily routine wouldn’t be complete without some form of movement. As much as I like to hibernate in the wintertime, I’ve noticed that staying physically stagnant for too long also creates mental stagnancy. I start to lose focus and motivation. Not only that.

My happiness levels plummet. All the energy I would have circulated through physical movement gets channelled toward worrisome thoughts instead. Adding movement to your routine doesn’t have to be complicated. I’ve found that simply going for walks or doing a quick HIIT workout really boosts my happiness levels.


This is one I always have to be mindful of. As an introvert, I feel so content alone that I sometimes forget to reach out to friends and family. Now that I’m in Puerto Vallarta (I’m spending part of the harsh Canadian winter here), I have to be even more mindful when it comes to connecting with people.

I don’t want to burnout from too much socializing, but I also don’t want to isolate myself. It’s very easy to become lonely when you travel by yourself as an introvert. So, I make an effort to talk to people daily.

Today, for example, I chatted with my Airbnb hosts and a couple staying in another room during breakfast. (I normally don’t like to socialize in the morning, but I got up earlier to journal, do some light yoga, and meditate before coming down for breakfast, so it was okay.) I also made plans to Skype with friends from back home later in the week.

Michaela Chung Malecon

Me on a sunset walk along the Malecón boardwalk in Puerto Vallarta.


At the end of a long day, you might find it hard to relax. Your brain is likely overstimulated from too much noise, busyness, and socializing. That’s why it’s so important for introverts to practice daily habits to unwind and recenter. For me, this means doing many of the morning reflection activities I mentioned earlier. I journal, read, meditate, or just sit in silence for a while.

I also try to eat dinner without distractions. I don’t watch T.V. or do work while I’m eating. Focusing on one activity at a time creates a sense of clarity and calm. It’s an easy way to unwind after a stressful day.

Bedtime visualizations

Have you noticed that what you think about right before bed effects your dreams? It also impacts how you feel when you wake up in the morning. Heck, it can determine the entire flow of the day.

Take control of your mind at night by doing some simple visualizations. You can use guided visualizations for peace and abundance from YouTube. I also like to relive my favorite moment from the day.

For example, if I went for a walk, and suddenly felt in awe of the beauty that surrounded me, I would step back into that moment as I lay in bed, vividly picturing the scene, the smells, the sunlight on my face. And I would let my heart expand with gratitude.

So, there you have it, my daily habits for introvert happiness. Try adding a few of them to your daily routine for the next week, if you please. Don’t feel bad if you fall off the bandwagon and everything goes to hell.

As with rules, routines are made for breaking. They provide a sturdy frame for the moving picture of your life. But they are only meant to support, not to take over the show!

What about you, dearest?

What are some of your daily habits for innie joy? Please do share them with our introvert community in the comments below. ?