life lessons for introverts
It’s been one year since I released my ebook, The Introvert Revolution: A Quiet Path To Reclaiming Our Power.   I can’t believe it.  So much has happened since then, both in my personal life, and on this website.

The Deep Dive Inward

Writing The Introvert Revolution was an important step in my own journey towards revolutionizing the way I see myself.  I took a deep dive inward and emerged more at peace with who I am.  I feel humbled to know that the book has helped hundreds of other introverts to do the same.

My lil’ book baby just turned one! 🙂

But I have to say, my introvert’s journey hasn’t always been easy.  There have been ups, downs, and drawn out in-betweens, where I thought I’d never find my way out of the fog.  But I did.  And I’m better because of it.

Here are some important life lessons I’ve learned along the way.

Trust The Inner Pull

Be brave enough to wade into the quietness you crave as an introvert.  Wisdom comes to those who create the space to hear their own inner voice.

Once you get in tune with your inner compass, the twists and turns in life will be less dizzying.  Clarity will emerge where there was once confusion and self-doubt.


I’ve talked before about how terrible I am at multitasking and how it’s an overrated skill anyway.  Never has this become more evident to me than over the past year.  I realized that the activities that required the most undivided focus and creative intensity (ie. writing a book), yielded the greatest rewards.

I want to clarify that I’m not just talking about external rewards.  As introverts, we tend to be motivated more by internal payoffs.  We do things because they stimulate our mind.  We love the high that comes from completing creative projects, brainstorming  ideas, and learning new things.  Feeling introverts, like myself, are lit up by the inner realms of emotion and imagination.

You see, for introverts, activities that require intense focus are the reward.  Multitasking just makes us feel frazzled and unfulfilled.  And it keeps us from optimizing our greatest gifts.

If you feel the urge to shut the door for 2,3,5, or 10 hours a day and focus on one project or passion (and you have the time to do so) then do it! The payoff will be much greater in the long run than if you clumsily try to follow the busybody extrovert’s model of success.

Make Love To The Process

Okay, so this is a life lesson that applies to everyone, not just introverts.  If you’re still waiting to arrive, my friend – NEWS FLASH – you already have.  Life is not a happy ending.  It’s so many things, but it just isn’t that.

Wherever you are, whatever your circumstances, you are in the process of creating your life story.  Every chapter has its purpose.  Stop worrying about the conclusion and start making this chapter meaningful, won’t you?

Be A Gentle Rebel

One of my Internet friends, Andy Mort of Sheep Dressed Like Wolves, calls his followers “gentle rebels”.  I love this term because it perfectly describes the beautiful contrast that we introverts can so effortlessly embody.

Sure, we’re quiet, and calm.  But many of us have an inner boldness that comes out in our passions.  Or perhaps, we have a wild side that we only share with those we deeply love and trust.  I definitely place myself in this camp of introverts: the gentle rebel, the benevolent badass, the bold introvert.

If you can relate, I encourage you to embrace your inner badass.  Being good and ‘nice’ (who wants to be described as nice, anyway? Lame!) is SO overrated.  Connecting with your authentic power and exercising your right to express yourself however the hell you want is where it’s at.  So, do it.  This is your official permission slip.

Cyber Hugs

Thanks for being part of my innie community.  Just being here, you are contributing to the introvert revolution.  I’m happy you found me. Hopefully, this site has helped you on your journey towards self-discovery and self-acceptance.

It never ceases to amaze me that I can be simultaneously, intimately connected to so many people around the world. (Reading and writing is a very intimate exchange, in case you hadn’t noticed).

And, since we’ve already been pretty freaking intimate, I think it’s totally appropriate that I should send you a great big cyber hug and lots of innie love!


P.S. You can get a copy of The Introvert Revolution here.