Do you think introverts are hard to love?

If so, it’s probably because many people don’t understand how to love an introvert.  Even introverts struggle to make sense of our own needs and behaviors.  We’ve been handed the extrovert’s blueprint for relationships and it’s left us pretty confused.

That’s why this week’s “Ask An Introvert” video is on How To Love Your Introvert.  Whether you’re a parent of an introverted child, or you’re married to an introvert, or you just want to date an introvert – you’ll discover 5 simple tips for how to love your introvert better.

How To Love Your Introvert – Ask An Introvert [Transcript]

Hey there!

It’s Michaela Chung here from Introvert Spring. In today’s “Ask An Introvert”, we’re talking about How To Love Your Introvert.

If you’re watching this you might be a parent of an introvert, you might have an introverted spouse, or perhaps you have an introverted love interest.

I get tons of messages from people every week wanting to know how to care for their introverted loved one.

I get it. We introverts are hard to understand. It’s tough to know how to care for us without pushing us away, or feeling totally confused!

That’s why, I’ve put together 5 Tips For How To Love Your Introvert.

Tip #1. Try not to take their need for space personally. Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean they don’t love you. It’s really draining for introverts to socialize, sometimes, we just want to be alone. Which brings me to my next tip.

Tip #2. Recognize that an introvert’s need for alone time is crucial to their health and happiness. It’s more than just a preference. When introverts don’t have enough time alone to recharge, they get irritable, drained, and in some cases can even become depressed. They NEED their solitude to feel at their best. Plain and simple.

Tip #3. Don’t try to fix them. Introverts get tired of people trying to “help” them be more extroverted – or be anything their not for that matter. On the other hand, they really appreciate people who accept them just as they are.

Tip #4. Understand that introverts hate confrontation. Give them time to process things instead of pressing for immediate answers. Sometimes it helps to set up a time in a few hours or the next day to talk things over. This will give your introvert time to gather their thoughts without allowing them to avoid conflict forever (because this is something we do sometimes).

Tip #5. Know that you are special. Remember that introverts don’t let very many people in, so you must be pretty important to them if you’re in their life. So, have a little patience, let them know you care, and they’ll come around.

Those were my 5 Tips For How To Love An Introvert. I hope you liked them. And if you wanna learn more ways to care for your introvert, click here to sign up for my free mini course on just that.

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That’s it for today, thanks so much for watching, and I’ll catch you on the next “Ask an Introvert”.