INFJ empathy

Empathy is often seen as a weakness, even for the INFJ personality. The main reason why is because many believe that feeling and caring too much for others is a waste of time. The modern world constantly screams at us to completely disregard emotions and concern. However, for an INFJ, empathy is everything, even if it’s draining.

How can caring be overwhelming?

The reason is simple to explain, but difficult to accept. When you’re expressing a never-ending concern for someone, your INF mind is always on alert. All your senses are on edge, and you’re thinking without pause.

In addition, INFJs will start creating scenarios that don’t even exist in the first place. You see, we are also the worst-case scenario experts. Not to mention that INFJ empathy goes way beyond just being concerned for a person’s well-being.

We’ll also consider such facts as: how can we help, reach out, or be there for anyone, whenever they need us.

All of this can be incredibly overwhelming and take a huge toll on our mind and body. But despite it all, INFJ empathy is our superpower.

Empathy Is My Greatest Strength

During the past three years, I came across thousands of INFJs asking me how to channel their empathy and safeguard their reservoirs of care. My answer was and still is the same.

We can’t turn our empathy on and off because we’re just wired to feel deeply.

No event or situation can force our emotions to become selective. They’re all-present, and we’ll continue to feel to the max no matter what. But this is why INFJ empathy makes such a meaningful difference.

Have you ever wondered why Gandhi, Mother Teresa, and Nelson Mandela, who were all INFJs by the way, made such a global impact when it comes to human kindness and understanding?

It’s because they all possessed unlimited empathy. They gave it to everyone, but with one crucial difference.

The word is balance.

Don’t try to contain how you feel when others are in pain. Instead, balance your INFJ empathy by always reserving some for yourself. This way, you can give it to the ones who need it the most, including yourself.

Much love,


Marko Kircanski INFJ coaching