INFJ personality planning

Hi INFJ friend,

I’m writing to you from a very special place today. It’s a location well known to the INFJ personality, one where we often seek refuge: our mind. However, it can be pretty chaotic in there. Trust me, I know.

Think of the INFJ mind as an internet browser with 50 tabs opened and dozens of applications running at the same time. But where there’s chaos, there is the opportunity for order and planning. And planning is where INFJs excel.

I Plan Everything

It’s almost unthinkable for an INFJ personality to leave something to chance. Sure, we know how to improvise, but we’re in our own element when we carefully plan our course of action. The best example of this is our future and where we want to be. We are idealists, so what lies ahead is our primary focus, especially planning for it.

I have yet to meet an INFJ who wants to live day by day. Planning is a part of who we are. Let me give you my personal example not many people know about.

There’s this journal I’ve had for two years now. In it, I write my goals. But these are not just some random scribbles. In this journal, I plan my next steps in life, months and years in advance.

Because of our visionary trait, it’s not that hard for an INFJ personality to “predict” our own future. It’s partly because when we decide to do something, it will be done, period. It’s not a question of “if”, it’s just a matter of time. And for INFJs, there’s no better time like the future, and no dream bigger than discovering our calling.

For the INFJ personality, there isn’t a more important goal than knowing what our purpose is. But because middle ground is an unknown term in our dictionary, we tend to either overdo it with organization, or endlessly procrastinate. We need to find the right balance, or we will overwhelm ourselves. See, here’s the thing.

For the INFJ personality, it’s all about fine-tuning

The key to improve the purpose search is adopting that fine balance between planning and letting go of control. When you achieve that equilibrium, you are halfway there.

Plan what you can, but always leave space for the unexpected to happen. Your purpose search is not a highway; it looks more like a forest road with a lot of smaller paths.

Organize every action you can, but don’t overdo it. Chaos can be an ally, because it gives our INFJ mind a chance to see things from a different perspective, one we may have missed.

Reaching the place of your dreams needs to be a careful endeavor, but letting go of control once in a while is necessary. Not everything is meant to be controlled.

Like Yin and Yang, finding your purpose is all about balancing the opposite sides.

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