infjs love rain
I’m an INFJ, and as long as I can remember, rain was always a source of inspiration for me. It makes me feel calm, relaxed, and happy. It turns out that I’m not the only INFJ who feels this way.

There are many reasons why our INFJ personality is drawn to rain. I think that it’s because it evokes a sense of peacefulness in us. Don’t get me wrong, not all INFJs like the rain. Some prefer the bright sunny day more than the misty rainy night.

The other day my friend asked me: “How can you love the rain? It’s so dark and sad. You can’t go anywhere when it falls”. My answer was that it’s perfectly aligned with who I am. In fact, this question inspired me to write this article and to explain this phenomenon.

What rain does to the brain

According to Orfeu Buxton, a professor of biobehavioral health at Pennsylvania State University, the sound of rain is “in tune” with our senses. Buxton stated that if the rain could speak, it would sound something like this: “Don’t worry, don’t worry, don’t worry.” Okay, maybe not so many times, since it sounds a little creepy.

Because our INFJ mind doesn’t appreciate loud noise by default, rain is nature’s meditation. It heightens our senses with its healing effect. Like the Formula One vehicle, our mind needs to go into the box for repairs every now and again. Rain is our repair crew.

Besides the relaxing sensation, rain can also awaken deep, emotional thoughts. Nostalgia, deep thinking, memories, and even sadness, can all be fuelled by the soothing sound of drops from the sky.

3 ways that rain can be an inspiration for INFJs

Observing the stillness in the air. Taking a closer look at the raindrops in a free-fall is scientifically proven to put your mind at ease. If you are overwhelmed, or stressed, you can always count on the rain to help you to put your INFJ brain into a lower gear.

Admiring the raindrops on the window. There is something magical about raindrops slowly falling down the window glass. This is a perfect opportunity for our INFJ imagination to kick in. Letting your mind wander off into some distant, fairytale, far away land is nature’s wonderful gift for our INFJ personality.

Contemplating gray mystical skies. One look up at the rainy sky is enough for our creativity shockwaves to explode. The sound of water acts as an energy drink, giving us the power-up we need to be more creative. Okay, I admit, I felt like a Power Ranger writing this. ☺

The common ground that we as INFJs share regarding the rain is the feeling of safety and peace. We are in our own element during rainy days. Our inspiration and happiness are multiplied just by seeing the murky skies above us. Our creativity thrives in the wake of a storm.

While there is nothing bad about loving the sunny weather, it’s in the misty, cloudy moments that we thrive. Being the rare INFJ butterflies we are, the rain is like our dance floor. We don’t like the spotlight, so we think of the cover of the clouds as our stage. We do our Moonwalk while everyone else waits for the sun.

A great novelist Vivian Greene once said:

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass… It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

Are you having your dance of thoughts and dreams in the rain? ☺


Do you like the rain as much as I do? Does it motivate you, or make you sad? Or maybe happy beyond measure? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section bellow! ☺

Much love,


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