INFJ winter blues

If you’re a highly sensitive, empath INFJ like me, then you know how deeply winter affects our emotions and mood. For us, it’s not just about the season shift. For an INFJ winter feels like a sudden plunge from autumn peace, to winter struggle. Many INFJs love the coldest season of the year, but a good number face what I call the “INFJ winter blues”.

What does it mean to have INFJ Winter Blues?

According to the dictionary, “winter blues” mean: “A feeling of deep unhappiness associated with experiencing the cold and darkness of winter.”

Being an empath and having a highly sensitive personality means that every season brings a different meaning in the mind of INFJs. Winter, in our case, can mean a period of loneliness, sadness, and lack of connection.

For example, the crisp autumn air brings me focus, summer sunshine brings difficulty concentrating, and spring rains bring a feeling of relief. For an INFJ winter is not clearly defined in my chaotic train of thoughts.

My inner child enjoys the deep snow when it falls, but my idealistic side doesn’t like the bad vibes from others during that time. If you’re an empath, I’m sure you know what I mean.

Because INFJs feel everything so deeply and on a level many can’t understand, I wanted to present you with three aspects of INFJ winter blues that may surface with the coming of the coldest season.

1. INFJ Loneliness.

No other feeling makes INFJs to feel more alien than being lonely. loneliness comes as the first sign of INFJ winter blues, because all we want is to get cozy, and have a warm beverage in front of a fireplace with the one we cherish. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen.

2. Growing Sadness.

After loneliness opens the door, sadness comes in and just like the winter, it brings coldness within. It’s no lie that INFJs don’t know how to handle their own emotions well. That’s why sadness feels so unbearable during the winter days. We can’t shake the feeling that something bad is happening, so we start feeling sadder and prepare ourselves for what’s next…

3. Lack Of Connection.

We are introverts to the core, but there are few things INFJs value more than having a deep, meaningful connection. During the winter, our intuition tells us that people are closed off and not willing to share those deep thoughts we want to hear. Lack of connection is a difficult aspect of INFJ winter blues, because it reminds us that we are rare and misunderstood.

However, no matter how unnerving and scary these points may sound, there’s something you can do about them.

How to easily conquer the INFJ winter blues

I know many INFJs don’t like winter. But instead of repeating to yourself why you don’t like it and re-creating worst-case scenarios in your mind, why not ask yourself these 3 insightful questions instead. They will instantly shift your perspective.

“I know it’s cold, and I feel lonely surrounded by snow, but why don’t I use this time to create and brainstorm something?” This could be a project for work, or even something as simple and satisfying as reading a good book or playing your favorite video game.

• “I’m feeling sad, and I wish I could spend more time in nature to calm my thoughts, so why shouldn’t I put on an extra layer of clothes and slide down that hill from my childhood?”All INFJs have that inner child who patiently waits to jump out whenever he or she gets the chance. Despite all the winter blues, our younger self wants to have fun.

• “There aren’t many people I can talk to right now, but could this be a good time for me to work on self-reflection and my goals for the future?” INFJ winter blues can prevent us from reaching out to those we care about, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t look within. Your mind has a universe of its own, so why not use its creativity during these gloomy days?

Whether you like the winter or not, there’s always some good to be found in every situation. Everything that happens to you has a purpose. INFJ Winter blues might not feel good, but if you look closer, you’ll find hidden treasures of joy beneath all that snow. ☺

Much love,


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