This is the time of year when gift-giving is at the top of everyone’s mind. Luckily for us innies, we already have several introvert gifts. And I don’t mean the kind you buy at the store.

Modest introverts might never admit it, but our innate strengths are a gift to the world. Since our finer qualities are often overlooked, I’ve created a new introvert infographic to celebrate the 12 gifts of introversion.

introvert gifts

1. Creativity

Embracing solitude and reflection helps introverts to access their innermost thoughts and creative ideas.

2. Observation

As outsiders, introverts often notice subtleties that those who follow the crowd miss.

3. Live with less

Extravagance is an extrovert’s game. Introverts enjoy a paired down existence with fewer friends, and personal belongings.

4. Loyalty

Introverts are known for being fiercely loyal to the few people they let into their inner circle.

5. Easily entertained

Introverts are rarely bored alone. We find endless entertainment in our own imagination.

6. Deep Thinkers

Introverts tend to carefully think things through before acting, which often prevents negative outcomes.

7. Loved by landlords

Have you ever seen an ad looking for a loudmouthed tenant who likes to party? Quiet introverts are a landlord’s dream.

8. Listening

Introverts embody the old adage “you have two ears and one mouth for a reason”. Everyone likes to be listened to.

9. Focus

Introverts are able to maintain intense focus for long stretches as they work alone on a project or passion.

10. Introspection

An introvert’s love of looking inward helps him to continuously learn and grow.

11. Word economy

While others fill every inch of airspace with empty chatter, introverts choose their words wisely.

12. Love of alone

Introverts don’t need to be around people all the time. Our love of alone gives us both independence and perspective.

Did I miss any?

Feel free to share your introvert gifts below.

Happy Holidays!



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Michaela Chung