INFJ anxiety

Have you ever wondered why so many INFJs have anxiety? Or why it’s such a taboo topic, especially among introverts? Don’t get me wrong, a lot of people have anxiety. But when you consider the fact that there’s only around 1.2% of INFJs worldwide, you might think: Are INFJs susceptible to anxiety more than others?

Why is anxiety so devastating to an INFJ?

Before I tell you why, first let’s look at a classic example of INFJ anxiety. I love communicating through text messages. Because people I love the most don’t live close to me, we communicate through WhatsApp and Facebook.

But as helpful as text messages can be, they are one of the main sources of my anxiety. When you are an intuitive INFJ like me, you notice every change in sentence construction. You see the pattern beyond words. If my friend sends me a short message after something I said, my anxiety will kick in, as I wonder, what did I do wrong?

Overthinking is also a major issue for INFJs, but let’s focus on anxiety right now. If my INFJ mind perceives that I did something wrong, my anxiety will sky-rocket. For the rarest personality type, it’s devastating because we don’t know about the term balance.

Don’t sweep anxiety under the rug

Back in the good ol’ days when I didn’t know exactly who I was, I would try to ignore my anxiety as if it wasn’t there. I would work until I fell asleep on my desk. I believed that would make me forget about the emotion that caused me to doubt everything I say and do.

The funny thing about INFJ anxiety is that it can come so fast that you simply can’t prepare for it.

It will feel as if all your senses are under attack. Being an INFJ, you’ll feel helpless because your mind wasn’t ready to deal with this just now. Not only that.

You will also feel overwhelmed from the smallest action. When this happens, here’s what I want you to remember:

Don’t shake your anxiety away like it’s not there. I made the mistake of thinking I am overreacting and disregarded what my mind and body were telling me. Slow down. One of anxiety’s greatest tricks is that it convinces us that the worst-case scenario happened and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Even if you find yourself in a state of panic, there is still something that you can do about it.

This is where Michaela and I come in with our brand new Conquering INFJ anxiety INFJam, we are going to show you:

  • 5 ways to cope with INFJ anxiety
  • Proven techniques to feel better fast
  • An easy exercise to relax an overthinking mind

Join our Conquering Anxiety INFJam now!

This will be one of those special Jams where we address an important issue that plagues the majority of INFJs on a daily basis. As always, you will have the chance to communicate with other INFJs in the chat box, or simply sit back and enjoy the show. It’s your choice, dear. 😉



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